The knowledge and experiences I gained through the Practical Nursing Access program have been invaluable

I am writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Discovery College, the BC Career College Association and everyone involved with the Practical Nursing Access program. Reflecting on the past year, my educational journey has not only been enriching but also transformative, guiding me to a career that I am passionately embracing today.

When I first enrolled in the program, I was uncertain about my future direction in nursing. I initially thought I might return to long-term care, a familiar field for me. However, my experiences during the course, particularly my involvement with the Aids Vancouver Island crew during our clinical day and the exposure to the community in Campbell River, were pivotal. These experiences opened my eyes to my previously unrecognized biases and provided me with a new, beautiful outlook on life.

This newfound perspective led me directly to my current role as an addictions nurse—a field I had not considered before but now find incredibly fulfilling. Each day, I see firsthand how addiction afects individuals from all walks of life, including first responders, doctors, teachers, and nurses. This has profoundly changed my understanding of addiction and reinforced the importance of compassion in healthcare.

Working at Edgewood Treatment Centre, where I secured a full-time position even before completing my program, has been a blessing. The environment here is supportive and dynamic, allowing me to contribute meaningfully to the recovery process of many. I feel privileged to be able to impact not only my patients but also my family and friends, helping shift negative perceptions about addiction that many of us grow up with.

The knowledge and experiences I gained through the Practical Nursing Access program have been invaluable. I am making a significant diference in people’s lives daily, which has brought me immense satisfaction and joy.

Please pass along my thanks to everyone who has supported and guided me through this incredible journey.

Julia Tindale, Practical Nursing Access Diploma – Campbell River

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