The environment was incredibly engaging and enriching

Before joining the program, my professional life was quite varied. I had taken a break from working
and previously worked in the film industry and landscaping. My passion, however, has always been
centred around helping others, particularly in mental health. It’s something I’ve been invested in
throughout my life, often assisting friends with their mental health challenges. I wanted to turn this
passion into a profession where I could make a positive impact while earning a living. This program
appeared to be the perfect fit, aligning with my personality and my ability to connect and build trust
with people easily.

Recently, I was thrilled to start contract work with Positive Living North on a current program they
are running. This opportunity has been a significant stepping stone in my career, allowing me to
apply the skills and knowledge I gained from the program directly to real-world situations.

One of my favourite aspects of the program was undoubtedly the people — from fellow students to
instructors and staff. The environment was incredibly engaging and enriching. I found myself
learning more than I ever anticipated, bringing new insights and deeper understanding each day.
The program was not just educational but also extremely interesting, enhancing my skills and
preparing me effectively for my career in mental health services.

This journey has been transformative, and I look forward to continuing to grow and contribute to the
field of mental health. I am immensely grateful for the experience and the doors it has opened for

Christopher Van Loo, Crisis Response & Mental Health Worker Certificate, Prince George

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