Reducing Burnout after Graduating from Nursing School

If you’re interested in a dynamic and fast-paced work environment with a focus on helping others, becoming a nurse may be the perfect career choice for you. At Discovery Community College, our Provincial Practical Nursing Program (PPNP) provides you with a comprehensive education encompassing the knowledge and skills required to confidently enter the workplace, as

In Practical Nurse Training? 5 Tips for Working with Seniors

Caring for the elderly can be a trying yet rewarding experience, as with many roles in nursing. As a practical nurse, you may find yourself drawn to elderly care for a combination of reasons, from your own personality traits to your ideal workplace. With training from Discovery Community College, you can gain experience in real-world

Understanding Variations in Healthcare After Nursing School

Ensuring high-quality care is a key concern for professionals in the healthcare industry. Hospitals, clinics, and other care providers rely on best practices to deliver consistent quality care. It is when these processes or outcomes differ from those practiced by other professionals or those outlined as the standard practice that variation occurs.  Generally speaking, variation

5 Tips for Effective Patient Communication for Those in Practical Nursing Training

The bedrock of any nurse-patient relationship is excellent communication. Whether you’re interviewing new patients or simply trying to determine how to be more caring and understanding with them, there are multiple techniques you can use to establish a rapport. Above all things, this involves practicing kindness, compassion, and trust in order to foster the best

Team-Building Activities for Professionals with Practical Nursing Training

Effective teamwork is an important part of many different workplaces including long term care homes, hospitals, and other facilities. Strong teams can communicate better, are positively motivated, address each other’s weaknesses while drawing on their strengths, and are more productive. As a nurse and healthcare professional, you can help your team to build better work

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