5 Tips for Effective Patient Communication for Those in Practical Nursing Training

The bedrock of any nurse-patient relationship is excellent communication. Whether you’re interviewing new patients or simply trying to determine how to be more caring and understanding with them, there are multiple techniques you can use to establish a rapport. Above all things, this involves practicing kindness, compassion, and trust in order to foster the best

Why Is Pharmacology Important to Students at Practical Nursing School?

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) work with other healthcare professionals such as registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, social workers, and others to provide care. Because LPNs must work in a team, and because they must also be able to rely on their individual knowledge to ensure a high standard of care, a lot of in-depth training

Here’s What Nursing Training Students Should Know About Telemedicine

Advancements in technology have led to huge changes in healthcare, from the development of new treatments to the streamlining of data in medical records. However, one of the most visible and impactful changes that may come in the future is the increased prevalence of telemedicine. Telemedicine provides patients with care remotely by connecting both the

A Quick Guide to Monitoring Hypertension During a Practical Nursing Career

There are over seven million people in Canada right now that live with hypertension. Practical nurses help monitor patients’ blood pressure levels to make sure that they are normal, and to help prevent them from developing potentially life-threatening cardiovascular diseases. Ensuring that blood pressure is monitored to spot signs of hypertension is essential to safeguarding

Prepare for the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination at Practical Nursing School

As important medical professionals, Practical Nurses in Canada need to sit a qualifying exam in order to demonstrate that their education has provided them with the knowledge and competencies they will need to succeed on the job. When you attend Discovery Community College to study to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), you will receive

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