5 Tips for Effective Patient Communication for Those in Practical Nursing Training

The bedrock of any nurse-patient relationship is excellent communication. Whether you’re interviewing new patients or simply trying to determine how to be more caring and understanding with them, there are multiple techniques you can use to establish a rapport. Above all things, this involves practicing kindness, compassion, and trust in order to foster the best

How to Support Your Mental Health During COVID-19 After Nursing College

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to uproot our communities months after its initial outbreak and spread. As we move into a cautious summer, the discussion around the physical and social impacts has steadily been making room for talk about a subtler kind of health issue: the psychological effects that the disease has brought. The anxiety, stress,

3 Important Self-Care Strategies to Consider During Your Practical Nursing Career

  If you’re pursuing a practical nursing career, you probably enjoy taking care of other people and helping to improve their well-being. A profession helping others isn’t sustainable unless you care for yourself as well. Self-care can let you provide the best care possible, by maintaining balance in your life and coping with stressors. This

4 Reasons You Should Consider a Practical Nursing Career in Rural B.C.

Practical nurses have a variety of options when it comes to where they want to start their careers. While some may choose to work in a bustling urban metropolis, the fast-paced lifestyle isn’t suited for everyone. As the older generation retires, the demand for trained healthcare professionals has risen in Canada, and that includes the

Nursing College Success: 4 Helpful Tips to Get You to Graduation

Like many other forms of education, nursing school provides the comprehensive training and experience nurses need to do their jobs well, but it isn’t always easy. From coursework to practicum and acute care experience, nurses are required to balance many different areas of their studies, while keeping a healthy personal life. Nursing school might be

Considering a Career in Healthcare? 3 Ways to Know if Practical Nursing Training is Right For You

For anyone who enjoys working with people, thrives in fast-paced environments and takes satisfaction in providing care and comfort to those in need, healthcare is an incredibly rewarding industry to work in. Fortunately, due to Canada’s aging population, healthcare professionals like nurses are in high demand, so there’s never been a better time to enter

What Students in Practical Nursing Courses Need to Know about the CLPNBC

Since professionals in healthcare serve the public, proper regulation is needed to ensure that they operate in the public interest, procedurally and ethically. This essentially means that people can rely on getting high quality, safe, and ethical care. The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British Columbia (CLPNBC) is one of a number of organizations

Discover a Rewarding Healthcare Career After Practical Nurse Training

There are many reasons to pursue a career as a practical nurse. For instance, practical nursing programs are relatively short, and can be a great fit for both individuals just starting in the workforce, or more experienced professionals who want to change course in their careers. However, one of the most compelling reasons for considering

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