In Office Administration Training? How This Career Evolved

If you’re considering a certificate in office administration, you’ll be joining others who chose a career with a rich history and one that has evolved into a vital role for any business in any industry. Office administration has been around for decades, but with varying titles and responsibilities. This has led to it being taught

3 Communication Techniques to Implement During and After Office Administration School

Good communication skills are an important part of many long and rewarding careers in office administration. Effective communication techniques are important in any industry, but even more so in an office environment. As an office administrator, you’ll be responsible for both communicating internally with management and employees, and externally with clients. At Discovery Community College,

A Brief Guide to MS Access for Office Administration Students

Looking to work in a modern office environment? Nowadays, being able to troubleshoot technical problems, use computers for office correspondence, and manage files & information has become important for individuals wishing to work in various office administration positions. If you want to do well when tackling these tasks, it’ll be important for you to know

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