Is it Hard to Switch From a Mac to a PC? A Look for Students of Office Administration Training

As an office administrator, changing the brand of computer you’re using can be a daunting task. You probably use that computer for everything your job involves on a day-to-day basis, including coordinating between employees via email, scheduling, bookkeeping, computerized accounting, and more.  If you’re currently using a Mac, changing to a PC means that you’ll

5 Solutions for Better Teamwork That You Can Use in Your Office Administration Career

Office administrators have a key role in any company, whether big or small. They keep operations running smoothly by employing problem-solving strategies in areas such as communication, bookkeeping, and general organization. An office administrator knows when things are going well and when they are not, because they are experts when it comes to the function

3 Ways to Ace the Interview After Office Administration Training

Are you ready to start a rewarding and fulfilling career in office administration? Then you might want to read this. When it comes to landing your dream job in an office-based role, the interview is the final step to take. This is your opportunity to show the hiring team who you are and why you

3 Skills that Are Important to Have in an Office Administration Career

Whether you work in a fast-paced environment or an office with a steady workflow, the skills necessary for office administration remain the same. Your colleagues and supervisors will rely on you to keep the office running efficiently. Your responsibilities may include scheduling meetings, doing bookkeeping, ordering office supplies, and communicating with clients or partners. If

3 Email Management Tips to Use During Your Office Administration Career

Email is an excellent way of communicating with colleagues and getting things done quickly and efficiently, which is why it is essential for almost any office administration career. However, too much email can quickly lead to wasted time and a decrease in productivity. In fact, the average worker spends about 2.6 hours reading and responding

3 Software Skills That Will Help You Thrive in an Office Administration Career

Businesses depend on software for almost every aspect of their operations. From tracking inventory to managing payroll, software has helped companies become more efficient and profitable. That’s why employers increasingly demand that job applicants have the software skills that are necessary for today’s office. When looking to get hired in an office administration position, however,

Where Can You Work After Office Administration Training? Here are 4 Possibilities

Office administration jobs are in frequent demand, and for good reason—no matter where you work, your employers need someone with the right skills to make sure business is running smoothly. From managing emails to setting up appointments and even working with computer software, knowing your way around a modern office setting gives you an invaluable