Pursuing an Office Administration Career? 4 Job Search Tips to Remember

Administrative assistants play a supportive role in office settings by performing various clerical and organizational tasks to help office teams run smoothly. This role provides job security and plenty of opportunities for upward mobility through gained experience. A reputable training program that covers key competencies in the field, such as computerized business applications and bookkeeping,

4 Microsoft Office 365 Tips to Try in Your Office Administration Career

If you’re striving towards a career in office administration, there’s plenty to look forward to. You will be a valued team member as your workplace simply could not operate properly without you. As an office administrator, you will be responsible for maintaining the office systems that have been put in place, supervising staff, preparing payroll,

In Office Administration Training? How This Career Evolved

If you’re considering a certificate in office administration, you’ll be joining others who chose a career with a rich history and one that has evolved into a vital role for any business in any industry. Office administration has been around for decades, but with varying titles and responsibilities. This has led to it being taught

3 Communication Techniques to Implement During and After Office Administration School

Good communication skills are an important part of many long and rewarding careers in office administration. Effective communication techniques are important in any industry, but even more so in an office environment. As an office administrator, you’ll be responsible for both communicating internally with management and employees, and externally with clients. At Discovery Community College,

Pursuing an Office Administration Career? Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Resume

Having a well-written resume is an important step towards getting the career you want. When you work hard to achieve your career goals, it’s important to make sure all that effort isn’t harmed by a resume that might not be properly conveying all that you have to offer.  If you’re interested in a career in

A Brief Guide to MS Access for Office Administration Students

Looking to work in a modern office environment? Nowadays, being able to troubleshoot technical problems, use computers for office correspondence, and manage files & information has become important for individuals wishing to work in various office administration positions. If you want to do well when tackling these tasks, it’ll be important for you to know

Launching Your Office Administration Career? 4 Must-Have Tools for the Modern Office

The use of certain tools in the modern office is a vital part of allowing a business to simplify work and streamline processes. With the use of tech tools in the modern office, an aspiring office administrator will be able to interact with colleagues and management without delays or obstacles. Additionally, since the pandemic, tech

Modern Office Etiquette: An Intro for Those Entering an Office Administration Career

Are you completing your office administration training? You’re probably gearing up for a career in a modern office environment, where you’ll apply your skills to ensure that the organization you’re working for can function smoothly and efficiently. However, it’s not unusual to feel intimidated or even overwhelmed at the thought of transitioning into a new

Taking Office Administration Training? Here’s Why Attention to Detail Matters

Office administration professionals are essential to maintaining the smooth operation of a business, from communicating with clients to scheduling meetings to filing reports. As people in this role are responsible for managing multiple tasks, attention to detail is essential. Detail-oriented employees reduce the risk of administrative errors that could result in costly repercussions for a

Getting Your Office Administration Certificate? 4 Tips For Using MS Access

Any office relies on its administrators to keep its business running smoothly. Office Administrators are responsible for communicating with clients, organizing paperwork, and providing assistance to fellow employees. Being able to effectively manage office correspondences requires familiarity with computer programs. Office Administrators use programs such as Microsoft Access on a daily basis, to record important

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