How to Stay Organized in Office Administration Training

Office administrators are the backbone of a company. They work in a variety of different businesses and help to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. Organization is one of the most important skills for office administration careers and you will find it listed in almost all job descriptions you find. Whether you’re naturally organized and wouldn’t

3 Skills that Are Important to Have in an Office Administration Career

Whether you work in a fast-paced environment or an office with a steady workflow, the skills necessary for office administration remain the same. Your colleagues and supervisors will rely on you to keep the office running efficiently. Your responsibilities may include scheduling meetings, doing bookkeeping, ordering office supplies, and communicating with clients or partners. If

Note-Taking Tips for Students Considering Office Administration Training

Working in office administration involves having a keen attention to detail, being extremely organized, and having excellent time management abilities. Effective note taking goes hand in hand with such skills. Good note-taking can help you absorb class material, study effectively, and even develop good habits that you can use during your career! How can you

3 Email Management Tips to Use During Your Office Administration Career

Email is an excellent way of communicating with colleagues and getting things done quickly and efficiently, which is why it is essential for almost any office administration career. However, too much email can quickly lead to wasted time and a decrease in productivity. In fact, the average worker spends about 2.6 hours reading and responding

3 Software Skills That Will Help You Thrive in an Office Administration Career

Businesses depend on software for almost every aspect of their operations. From tracking inventory to managing payroll, software has helped companies become more efficient and profitable. That’s why employers increasingly demand that job applicants have the software skills that are necessary for today’s office. When looking to get hired in an office administration position, however,

Where Can You Work After Office Administration Training? Here are 4 Possibilities

Office administration jobs are in frequent demand, and for good reason—no matter where you work, your employers need someone with the right skills to make sure business is running smoothly. From managing emails to setting up appointments and even working with computer software, knowing your way around a modern office setting gives you an invaluable

These 4 Skills Could Mean You’re Well-Suited for an Office Administration Career!

Administrative skills are invaluable when it comes to keeping an office or business running smoothly, and they are flexible enough to be used in a variety of positions, from administrative assistant and secretary to office manager. No matter the business, employers need professionals who have the right skills to complete administrative tasks efficiently and correctly.

How to Communicate Effectively During an Office Administration Career

Business professionals working as office administrators have plenty of useful skills, such as knowledge of computer software, accounting proficiency, and organizational abilities, but one of the most important is communication. Many office administrator duties require a concise and sophisticated style of writing to effectively communicate with other workers. Office administrators also need to have excellent

Organization Hacks to Live By in an Office Administration Career

Working in any modern office can be a frantic experience, with co-workers darting in different directions, colleagues and clients coming in and out, and various official documents and files to keep in order. For an office administrator, who will often need deal with queries and tasks from across an entire organization, keeping up can be

5 Secrets for Writing an Attention-Grabbing Resume After Office Administration Training

When it comes to career training, getting the maximum benefit involves more than just completing your program and graduating. Ultimately, what you want is to secure a great job to get your career started! Whether you have been in the labour force for years or are just beginning your career, keeping a few simple things