3 Common Interview Questions You May Encounter After Nursing Training

Landing a job interview is an exciting step towards becoming a practical nurse. The best way to ensure you ace your interview is to prepare for it extensively beforehand. However, preparation can sometimes feel challenging since you won’t know what questions the interviewer will ask. Fortunately, some questions tend to arise more often than not

Here’s What Nursing Training Students Should Know About Telemedicine

Advancements in technology have led to huge changes in healthcare, from the development of new treatments to the streamlining of data in medical records. However, one of the most visible and impactful changes that may come in the future is the increased prevalence of telemedicine. Telemedicine provides patients with care remotely by connecting both the

A Quick Guide to Monitoring Hypertension During a Practical Nursing Career

There are over seven million people in Canada right now that live with hypertension. Practical nurses help monitor patients’ blood pressure levels to make sure that they are normal, and to help prevent them from developing potentially life-threatening cardiovascular diseases. Ensuring that blood pressure is monitored to spot signs of hypertension is essential to safeguarding

Top 5 Skills Grads Need to Cultivate for a Successful Practical Nursing Career

A career in practical nursing is as rewarding as it is eventful. You will always have plenty to do when offering quality care to patients in need, including making sure that they are regularly monitored and kept comfortable, administering medications, working closely with families, and much more. To ensure that practical nurses work as efficiently

Strategies to Maximize the Career Benefits of a Nursing School Practicum

Classroom learning is an essential part of study, but putting that knowledge into practical use is the best way to develop skills in any career. This is particularly important in healthcare, where professionals must deal with new and unexpected challenges on a daily basis. A top-class practical nursing course will allow students to get practicum

How Active Listening Skills Give You an Advantage in Nursing Training –And Beyond

Active listening is a technique that requires that an individual concentrate on what it is that they are hearing so that they can properly understand what is being said. It is the foundation of good, illuminating communication, and can allow listeners to make their own thoughtful contributions. While it may seem like a fairly simple

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