How to Handle Patient Complaints After Medical Office Management Training

If you’re considering a career in Medical Office Administration, you will be working in a front-facing position where your main objective is to ensure that the needs of patients are being met. Your job is important because the clinic or medical centre where you will work relies heavily on repeat patients for its success. Occasionally,

Key Competencies You’ll Develop in Medical Office Management Training

If you’re considering a medical or dental office administration career, you may be wondering what competencies are required to excel in the role. Even if you don’t currently possess all the skills you need to succeed, familiarizing yourself with the requirements of your future career will help you to be aware of your strengths and

5 Tips for Organizing an Office Environment after Your Medical Office Admin Training

The healthcare industry provides many dynamic and exciting career options that are lucrative and in high demand. The Government of Canada predicts the prospects for Medical Office Administrators will continue to be balanced over the next decade. Job demand is especially high in British Columbia due to employment growth, upcoming retirements, and a small number

Finding a Work-Life Balance After Medical Office Administration School

Work-life balance is something that career seekers are increasingly prioritizing, especially in a post-pandemic environment. However, depending on one’s chosen career, an ideal work-life balance isn’t always easy to achieve. Working in settings like private practices, clinics, hospital departments and other administrative healthcare centers, Medical Office Administrators perform key roles in managing offices, scheduling patient

4 Tips for Scheduling Patients After Your Medical Office Administration Training

In order to have a medical office running a tight ship, processes of the highest possible quality must be in place. One of the most important processes for a smoothly-operating medical office is scheduling. With an optimal approach to scheduling, doctors can have the maximum amount of time to spend with patients and meet their

The Waiting Room Emergency: What Those in Medical Office Admin Training Should Know

A medical office administrator is integral to any medical office space, including waiting rooms. Medical office administrators are hard-working, known for having great organizational skills as well as a friendly and positive attitude as they work to complete important medical office procedures. They help to schedule appointments, manage office correspondences, organize patient files, order supplies,

A Day in the Life of a Medical Office Administrator for Those Considering Medical Office Management Training

Studying to become a medical office administrator means completing courses in medical terminology, medical transcription, medical office procedures, and much more. Your days might include attending classes, studying, and perhaps even checking in with your college’s career services if you’re nearing graduation and want to touch up your CV. But what will life look like

Traits that Can Help You Excel After Medical Office Administration Training

Managing a medical office is no small task: you need to organize communications, ensure all records are where they’re supposed to be, and sometimes even supervise other staff. Consistently meeting these objectives requires several different abilities. What kind of characteristics make a successful medical office administrator? Here are a few traits that can help you

Ways to Stay Productive in a Busy Medical Office Management Career

Whether it’s a doctor’s office, a hospital, or a clinic, things are bound to get a bit hectic sometimes—and that can be a good thing. If anything, it can push you to be your best and most productive self on the job. While it’s always important to stay organized and on top of things, sometimes

How to Ace Your First Interview After Medical Office Administration Training

After putting the finishing touches on your CV and finding the right company to send it to, being granted an interview is one of the last—and perhaps most nerve-wracking—steps of the job search process. For many, the prospect of job interview can be enough to make them lose their appetite. While it can be challenging

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