6 Tricks for Producing a Professional Report at Discovery Community College

Learn the Administrative Side of International Trade, Campuses Located Throughout British Columbia In this addition Croix takes on part one of three Microsoft Word modules. Croix’s consensus? It’s pretty cool! The online class shows everything you need to know to produce a polished and professional report. This is extremely important for anyone going through international trade

Discover Community College Student Starts Self-paced Module

International Trade Management Program in British Columbia In this mini-episode Croix welcomes everyone back from the holidays and dives right into his first week of CBA, which stands for computer business application. This is the self-paced part of the ITM program! This part of the course takes place in the computer lab, as it is

Master Self-paced Classes at Discovery Community College

Learn at Your Own Pace with Online Courses, Offered in British Columbia Are you Curious how self-paced classes work? Do they offer enough support? Would you fall behind? The consensus at Discovery is, we think not! Croix Auker has started the self-paced business portion of his International Trade Management program and he is quite enjoying in. Croix gets

4 Major Requirements for Market Entry Strategies at Discovery

Learn Methods for Entering New Markets, in British Columbia How do companies project if they will do well in a given area of business? Can a business gauge whether it is the right time and place to enter the market? Returning student Croix Auker learns about this and more in the International Trade Management program, when he

What is a S.W.O.T Analysis? Find out at Discovery Community College

Learn how the Global Supply Chain Works, in British Columbia What is a S.W.O.T analysis and how does it relate to the global supply chain? A S.W.O.T analysis is a marketing tactic that can be applied to various business models, including international trade. S.W.O.T stands for: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats This kind of analysis is a

Ace International Finance, Trade and Logistics at Discovery Community College

Learn Finance Structures Underpinning International Trade in British Columbia How do international companies exchange goods if they use different currencies? Are there different financial structures underpinning trade management and logistics from different regions of the world? These are good questions and they have no easy answer. Discovery Community College’s International Trade Management program will help

No More Waiting in Suspense, Find out Exam Results Immediately at Discovery!

Stay up to Date with your Academics at Discovery Community College, Which has Many Campuses in British Columbia Does the thought of taking an exam bring on the butterflies? Well, put your fears to rest. Thanks to our blended online learning model you can find out your exam results instantly once you take your online

How Does the Global Supply Chain Actually Work? Find out at Discovery!

Learn More About the Global Supply Chain, Many Campuses in British Columbia Have you ever wondered where your products come from, and how they ended up in your possession? That means you expressed curiosity about the global supply chain! At Discovery Community College our International Trade Management program gives you extensive knowledge from the first steps of

So Much More than just International Trade! Learn More at Discovery Community College

Become an International Trade Management Pro, Many Campuses Located in British Columbia How does international trade intersect with local economies? What kind of business skills does one need to posses in order to be considered a standout employee? After taking his first exam Croix Auker learns that International Trade Management includes much more than just international trade. The

What’s International Trade Management? Find Out with Croix Auker at Discovery Community College

International Trade Management Program Offered in British Columbia What is International Trade Management? And how does it relate to someone who wants to ship or receive goods across borders? For returning student, Croix Auker, these are great questions. He has just begun the 39-week International Trade Management program at Discovery Community College, and will be posting

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