What Are Global Value Chains? The Answer for Students in International Trade Management Training

If you’re considering a career in international trade, a profound understanding of Global Value Chains will help you succeed as you perform various supply chain management functions. Keep reading to discover the definition of global value chains, their importance in your future career, and how completing our International Trade Management Diploma Program will help you

An Introduction To ESG For Those Considering International Trade Management Training

In today’s world, characterized by climate challenges, uncertain economic conditions, and geopolitical tensions, the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) agenda has evolved from being a mere luxury to an absolute necessity. Stakeholders, policymakers, and a growing number of consumers worldwide are becoming increasingly committed to embracing a more sustainable future. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria

Understanding Ethical Consumerism In International Trade Management Training

In recent years, our society has become more aware of the ethical implications of traditional consumerist culture. Many people worldwide still rely on the income they earn from exploitative work. Unfortunately, in an effort to keep profit margins up, many logistics companies take advantage of labour that keeps certain populations in substandard living conditions.  If

3 Credentials You’ll Need For an International Trade Management Career

If you see yourself working in logistics, freight forwarding, and supply chain management and you’re wondering how to cushion your career, you should consider learning about international trade management. Training in this area adds a global perspective to these career paths, which is extremely important at a time when e-commerce is growing in popularity. Canadian

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