[Infographic] What to Look for in an International Trade Management Program

For those who are globally minded, international trade management is an exciting career path to consider. Consumers and companies all across Canada rely on global services and products, and thus, they rely on professionals who can guarantee that these products are delivered safely, securely, and ethically. Today, those who graduate from an international trade management

Getting Your International Trade Management Diploma? Consider a Career as a Logistics Coordinator

A logistics coordinator is crucial to the success of a company by facilitating the production process. Their work involves monitoring and implementing the production schedule across businesses or organizations. Many industries around the world require skilled professionals to ensure that production runs smoothly at each stage of the supply chain and that goods are delivered

Implementing Ethical Sourcing Practices After International Trade Management College

As the economy becomes more global and countries across the world exchange greater amounts of goods and materials, the global trade sector is expanding rapidly. In Canada, companies are looking to break into foreign markets to source goods, and professionals who are experts in global trade are in demand to help them get the job

A Day in the Life of a Freight Broker for Those in an International Trade Management Program

If shippers and carriers are the pieces that get cargo moving, freight brokers are the glue putting them together. Essentially, a freight broker is the unifying force between carriers (those who transport goods) and shippers (companies needing their goods transported), making deals to help ensure goods are shipped and transported to the correct destination via

2020 Global Supply Chain Trends for Logistics School Students

Economics, social trends, consumer behaviour, technology—these factors all significantly impact the international trade management field. In 2020, increasing globalization, new technological developments, and more signal promise for those interested in supply chain management. It’s no secret that job opportunities in logistics, warehousing, and transportation fields have remained stable in recent years, and that this is

What’s Involved in Being a Customs Broker After International Trade Management College?

Professionals in the international trade management and freight forwarding industry work hard to secure the transport of raw materials and finished products all over the world. There are many responsibilities and areas of expertise under the umbrella of trade management. Some duties include planning transport routes, facilitating documentation, and negotiating purchase orders—to name a few.

3 Qualities Necessary for Freight Forwarding After International Trade Management School

As a freight forwarder working in international trade, there are several qualities that will help you build a successful career. Responsibilities involved in transporting goods and raw materials include a wide range of activities from monitoring supply chain operations to preparing customs documentation and calculating tariffs and duties. A career in freight forwarding even includes

3 Career Paths You Could Pursue After International Trade Management College

Whether you’re warehousing materials, sourcing them out, or tracking shipments, there are many ways you can contribute to international trade. By making sure goods, services, products, and other materials are sent to certain places at the right time, a role in international trade management can be a gratifying one—and also one you can easily grow

Steel Safeguards & What They Mean For Students in International Trade Management School

New steel safeguards went into effect in May of 2019. These safeguards are meant to protect Canada from unfair trading practices, preserving the Canadian steel trade industry and preventing loss of jobs. For anyone entering the field of international trade management, this matters as it affects the economy and available career opportunities. Canada’s steel exports

Understanding Global Value Chains if You’re in International Trade Management & Logistics

The world is more connected than ever before. Whereas in the past, products were routinely devised, designed, and produced entirely within single countries, today, businesses rely on vast global networks of partners and companies to help them create and deliver goods and services. These networks are referred to as global value chains (GVCs). GVCs are

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