How to Support Clients With Arthritis After You Become a Healthcare Assistant

Living with arthritis comes with certain challenges and difficulties. Arthritis is a medical condition that affects the joints of each client differently, with the primary symptoms including pain, stiffness, decreased muscle strength, and a reduction in functional mobility. The symptoms affecting a client can vary from one day to the next, with this unpredictability making

Interested in Healthcare Assistant School? Here’s What It’s Like to Work at Extended Care Facilities

Healthcare assistants can work in a variety of different settings throughout their career. They might choose to work at a hospice, at a retirement home, or even an extended care facility. Extended care facilities provide important care to seniors and people with disabilities who require support on a 24-hour basis. For graduates who establish their

Surprising Job Duties Your Healthcare Assistant Training Can Prepare You For

After your training as a healthcare assistant, you will enter your career equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to help people live better lives. Some of the duties involved might not be what you expect—after all, there are quite a few tasks and responsibilities that healthcare assistants have. Even something like talking to clients

The Rewards of Working in Hospice Care After HCA School

For many, a career in healthcare is an opportunity to provide compassionate support for their community. Due to the increasing demand in the industry, many healthcare assistants (HCAs) choose to enter hospice work and serve clients in need of intimate, quality care. Although it is one of the more demanding positions in a healthcare career,

Simple Ways to Improve the Mental Health of Seniors After Healthcare Assistant Training

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, over 1.8 million Canadian citizens over the age of 60 have been diagnosed with a mental health problem as of 2016. Seniors with mental health issues like dementia and depression may be at greater risk of becoming isolated, increasingly stressed, and even developing physical health problems. With

What an Aging Population Means for Healthcare Assistant College Graduates

Ongoing healthcare breakthroughs are helping to solve medical problems, or at least limit the symptoms attached to particular illnesses. People in Canada, like the rest of the developed world, are living far longer as a result. This growth in the senior population must be matched by a similar increase in healthcare staff, who are needed

Using Health Care Assistant Training to Preserve Patient Dignity

For individuals in need of a health care assistant (HCA), maintaining a sense of dignity can be difficult. Needing help with daily living, personal hygiene, and other kinds of tasks that most people take for granted can be embarrassing, and can lead them to feel as though they have no control. It’s a situation that

The Interesting Workplaces You Can Experience After HCA College

The duties of a healthcare assistant (HCA) will depend, to a certain extent, on where they work. The healthcare field is very large and includes a variety of different employer types, many of which hire HCAs. Different medical, living, and support institutions will have a diverse range of clients, which can have a big impact

How to Tell if Attending HCA College is the Right Career Choice for You

Whether you are new to the workforce or have been working for years, there are many reasons why you might consider training for a healthcare career. But how do you know whether this effort will be worthwhile, and how do you know which specific career path you should pursue? In B.C. and other areas of