Seeking a Healthcare Assistant Career? How Cognitive and Mental Challenges Come Into Play

In the life of a healthcare assistant, every day is different, given the diversity of patients they care for. The role often involves assisting individuals with various needs, from those recovering from physical ailments to others grappling with more complex cognitive and mental health issues. Each type of patient presents unique challenges and demands a

Hospice Care: Key Approaches to Embrace After Healthcare Assistant Training

If you are compassionate, patient, and looking for a role where you can help others daily, a career as a Health Care Assistant (HCA) may be the perfect path for you. Not only can working in the healthcare industry be lucrative, but there is also a current high demand for HCAs in British Columbia and

Earning a Healthcare Assistant Diploma? Why Person-Centred Care is Essential

Health care assistants, also known as health care aides, provide an essential service to medical clients in need of short-term assistance or ongoing support. Through this role, you can work directly with seniors as well as individuals with disabilities, injuries, or chronic illnesses. Here, your compassion and desire to help can make a big difference,

In Healthcare Assistant Training? 4 Tips for Caring for Elderly Patients During Winter

During the winter season, the elderly are vulnerable to developing health complications that could be avoided with the proper care procedures in place. As a healthcare assistant, you’ll be responsible for ensuring those procedures are followed by providing personal assistance and support services to elderly clients to promote their health and wellbeing. At Discovery Community

International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Details for Healthcare Assistant Diploma Seekers

Healthcare assistants, sometimes referred to as healthcare aides, are compassionate, patient, and caring as they provide personal assistance to patients in need. They often work with vulnerable populations such as those with mental or physical disabilities and the elderly.  As a society, the prioritization of acceptance and inclusion of persons with disabilities is imperative to

Supporting Chronically Ill Patients After Healthcare Assistant Training

Health Care Assistants, also known as Health Care Aides, have a rewarding opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of those living with chronic disease. After training to become a healthcare assistant, you will be able to cater to the needs of the patients around you who may be reliant on you for

Want to Become a Healthcare Assistant? The Benefits of On-Site Training

If you’re a compassionate person who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others, a career as a healthcare assistant could be right for you. Within the healthcare industry, healthcare assistants are professionals who provide both short-term and long-term support and assistance to a range of different clients. They may care for those who are chronically

What it’s Like to Work in Retirement Homes After Healthcare Assistant Training

Are you considering a career as a healthcare assistant? With the skills they have, health care assistants are able to work in a number of different environments, from hospices to extended care facilities to assisted living residences. One key environment where healthcare assistants are needed is in retirement homes. Within retirement homes, healthcare assistants apply

How to Support Clients With Arthritis After You Become a Healthcare Assistant

Living with arthritis comes with certain challenges and difficulties. Arthritis is a medical condition that affects the joints of each client differently, with the primary symptoms including pain, stiffness, decreased muscle strength, and a reduction in functional mobility. The symptoms affecting a client can vary from one day to the next, with this unpredictability making

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