Want to Become a Healthcare Assistant? Explore the Future of the Industry

Do you want to become a healthcare assistant (HCA)? The role is challenging and rewarding, offering a unique opportunity to significantly impact patient lives. These professionals work closely with nurses and other healthcare staff, providing essential support in patient care. If you’re compassionate and patient with a genuine desire to help others, a career as

Essential Skills for Hospice Workers After Health Care Assistant Training

Hospice nursing may take place outside a hospital, but that doesn’t make it any less delicate or important. Health care assistant training equips you with the technical knowledge and practical skills to function in your role as a Hospice Worker. However, to be an effective hospice worker, you’ll also need to have a number of

Interested in Healthcare Assistant School? Here’s What It’s Like to Work at Extended Care Facilities

Healthcare assistants can work in a variety of different settings throughout their career. They might choose to work at a hospice, at a retirement home, or even an extended care facility. Extended care facilities provide important care to seniors and people with disabilities who require support on a 24-hour basis. For graduates who establish their

Companionship for Seniors: What to Know Before You Become a Healthcare Assistant

Whether chatting at work or focusing on the family, we all enjoy participating in activities, interactions, and social engagement together. Some seniors, however, may not have access to these opportunities on a regular basis if they lack close family or friends nearby, or are living with limited mobility. This puts them at greater risk of

Why Students in HCA Training Should Focus on Reducing Immobility in Patients

Maintaining a certain level of physical fitness is about much more than hitting a healthy weight. A lack of physical exertion can cause all sorts of harm to the body, weakening muscles, slowing down blood flow and triggering malnutrition. Health care assistants (HCAs) work closely with many clients who suffer from limited mobility. Almost all

5 Tips for Communicating with Elderly Clients after HCA School

Communicating effectively is difficult, and even in the best of situations there can be misunderstandings. When Health Care Assistants (HCAs) enter their field, they should be aware of certain challenges they may face when conversing with elderly clients. Here are some tips to help HCAs make sure their clients feel that they are being heard

Simple Ways to Improve the Mental Health of Seniors After Healthcare Assistant Training

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, over 1.8 million Canadian citizens over the age of 60 have been diagnosed with a mental health problem as of 2016. Seniors with mental health issues like dementia and depression may be at greater risk of becoming isolated, increasingly stressed, and even developing physical health problems. With

What an Aging Population Means for Healthcare Assistant College Graduates

Ongoing healthcare breakthroughs are helping to solve medical problems, or at least limit the symptoms attached to particular illnesses. People in Canada, like the rest of the developed world, are living far longer as a result. This growth in the senior population must be matched by a similar increase in healthcare staff, who are needed

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