5 Tips for Acing Your First Interview After Health Care Assistant School

If you’re considering choosing a career as a health care assistant, or are already on the way to completing your training, you’ll eventually have some interviews coming up. By preparing for these interviews the right way, you can increase your chances of making an impression that they’re sure to remember.  As a future health care

How Graduates of Health Care Assistant School Are Tackling COVID-19

Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, health care assistants were working hard to help improve the lives of seniors and vulnerable people in our communities. Health care assistants work in retirement homes, hospices, extended care facilities, or assisted living residences. It is a rewarding and demanding role, and assistants provide both emotional and practical support.

Retirement Home vs. Hospice: Which Career Path is best for you After Health Care Assistant School?

A career as a health care assistant is a dynamic and rewarding one, perfect for those who enjoy helping others. There is increasing demand for health care assistants in Canada due to our aging population and need for long-term care. Health care assistants can choose to work in a variety of health care environments, including

3 Reasons a Humanistic Approach in HCA Training Prepares You for the Real World

Humanism takes into account that we are all first and foremost human beings with a common experience. As health, life, and death are all integral parts of the human experience, humanism can be used in health care to remind us of important values. While humanism comes from philosophy, it is still studied with regards to

Why Working in a Retirement Home After Health Care Assistant training is so Fulfilling

Studying to work as a health care assistant can prepare you for employment in several different environments, including in a retirement home. Though this may present a unique set of challenges, the experience of caring for the elderly and their needs is ultimately a rewarding one — and with a quarter of Canada’s population projected

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