How to Put Together a Winning Resume after Health Care Assistant Training

Having a winning resume is essential when you start looking for your first job as a health care assistant (HCA). Your resume is your first opportunity to stand out to potential employers and convince them to let you interview for the position, and hopefully hire you for the job! Since this may be your first

Why are Graduates of Health Care Assistant Training in Such High Demand?

Due to technological advancements and progress in medicine, the population of Canada is growing older and living longer than previous generations. As a result, the health care industry is transforming, becoming one of the largest sources of job opportunities in the country, as more people reach an advanced age and require consistent, comprehensive care. A

Why Students in HCA Training Should Focus on Reducing Immobility in Patients

Maintaining a certain level of physical fitness is about much more than hitting a healthy weight. A lack of physical exertion can cause all sorts of harm to the body, weakening muscles, slowing down blood flow and triggering malnutrition. Health care assistants (HCAs) work closely with many clients who suffer from limited mobility. Almost all

The Rewards of Working in Hospice Care After HCA School

For many, a career in healthcare is an opportunity to provide compassionate support for their community. Due to the increasing demand in the industry, many healthcare assistants (HCAs) choose to enter hospice work and serve clients in need of intimate, quality care. Although it is one of the more demanding positions in a healthcare career,

What an Aging Population Means for Healthcare Assistant College Graduates

Ongoing healthcare breakthroughs are helping to solve medical problems, or at least limit the symptoms attached to particular illnesses. People in Canada, like the rest of the developed world, are living far longer as a result. This growth in the senior population must be matched by a similar increase in healthcare staff, who are needed

Using Health Care Assistant Training to Preserve Patient Dignity

For individuals in need of a health care assistant (HCA), maintaining a sense of dignity can be difficult. Needing help with daily living, personal hygiene, and other kinds of tasks that most people take for granted can be embarrassing, and can lead them to feel as though they have no control. It’s a situation that

Use These Pro Tips to Excel in Your HCA Training Work Placement

One of the most enticing course components offered by the best healthcare assistant (HCA) career college programs is the chance to do a work placement practicum in a long-term care setting alongside preceptorship in an assisted living setting. This experience gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge from the classroom in a real professional