Surprising Job Duties Your Healthcare Assistant Training Can Prepare You For

After your training as a healthcare assistant, you will enter your career equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to help people live better lives. Some of the duties involved might not be what you expect—after all, there are quite a few tasks and responsibilities that healthcare assistants have. Even something like talking to clients

Preventing Compassion Fatigue when you Become a Health Care Assistant

Compassion fatigue is physical and mental exhaustion, combined with emotional withdrawal. It comes as a result of caring for others who have illnesses or traumas over a long period of time. Sometimes, these feelings can also cause apathetic or indifferent thoughts for caregivers. As a health care assistant (HCA), you not only provide important services

New to Health Care? How Transferable Skills Can Help You Succeed in HCA School

In any career, there are certain skills that are always in-demand. These skills are often referred to as transferable skills because you can apply them to a variety of workplaces and environments. Health care assistants (HCAs) play an important role in the care and support of their clients, and in order to do this properly,

How to Put Together a Winning Resume after Health Care Assistant Training

Having a winning resume is essential when you start looking for your first job as a health care assistant (HCA). Your resume is your first opportunity to stand out to potential employers and convince them to let you interview for the position, and hopefully hire you for the job! Since this may be your first

What Type of Care Will You Provide After Health Care Assistant Training?

Canada’s population is aging rapidly and that means the demand for health care assistants (HCAs) is expected to grow. In fact, Statistics Canada indicates that the job outlook for health care professionals is currently good in British Columbia, including on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. If you’re seeking a career that is in high

The Rewards of Working in Hospice Care After HCA School

For many, a career in healthcare is an opportunity to provide compassionate support for their community. Due to the increasing demand in the industry, many healthcare assistants (HCAs) choose to enter hospice work and serve clients in need of intimate, quality care. Although it is one of the more demanding positions in a healthcare career,

5 Tips for Communicating with Elderly Clients after HCA School

Communicating effectively is difficult, and even in the best of situations there can be misunderstandings. When Health Care Assistants (HCAs) enter their field, they should be aware of certain challenges they may face when conversing with elderly clients. Here are some tips to help HCAs make sure their clients feel that they are being heard

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