How On-Site Health Care Assistant Training Develops Long-Term Skills

Students enrolled in a health care assistant (HCA) program will eventually get the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in class to real-life settings — and at Discovery Community College, they’ll get to do this while still in school through on-site training. While there’s plenty you can learn in a classroom with regards to becoming

Why are Graduates of Health Care Assistant Training in Such High Demand?

Due to technological advancements and progress in medicine, the population of Canada is growing older and living longer than previous generations. As a result, the health care industry is transforming, becoming one of the largest sources of job opportunities in the country, as more people reach an advanced age and require consistent, comprehensive care. A

Using Health Care Assistant Training to Preserve Patient Dignity

For individuals in need of a health care assistant (HCA), maintaining a sense of dignity can be difficult. Needing help with daily living, personal hygiene, and other kinds of tasks that most people take for granted can be embarrassing, and can lead them to feel as though they have no control. It’s a situation that

The Interesting Workplaces You Can Experience After HCA College

The duties of a healthcare assistant (HCA) will depend, to a certain extent, on where they work. The healthcare field is very large and includes a variety of different employer types, many of which hire HCAs. Different medical, living, and support institutions will have a diverse range of clients, which can have a big impact

How to Tell if Attending HCA College is the Right Career Choice for You

Whether you are new to the workforce or have been working for years, there are many reasons why you might consider training for a healthcare career. But how do you know whether this effort will be worthwhile, and how do you know which specific career path you should pursue? In B.C. and other areas of

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