Considering Education Assistant Training? Learn Why Computer Skills Matter

The role of an education assistant (EA) is evolving rapidly. Beyond traditional responsibilities, education assistants now need to be proficient in computer skills to effectively support teachers and students. If you’re considering education assistant training, it’s essential to understand why computer skills are a critical component of the job. This blog post will explore the

Why Understanding Mental Health Is Essential for Success After Education Assistant Training

Embarking on education assistant training and a career as an Education Assistant (EA) is about aiding in educational settings and enriching the lives of students, especially those with complex learning needs. At Discovery Community College (DCC), our Education Assistant & Community Mental Health program is designed to equip you with the skills and understanding necessary

What Does An Education Assistant Do? A 2024 Guide For Students

Are you considering a career that combines your passion for education with the opportunity to make a real difference in students’ lives? Becoming an Education Assistant might be the perfect path for you! But what does an education assistant do? At Discovery Community College, we’re committed to helping aspiring Education Assistants gain the skills and

3 Exciting Teaching Trends to Watch After Education Assistant Training

The world of education is constantly evolving. Driven by several notable technological advancements, along with many other factors, the education industry continues to shift and evolve rapidly, making it an intriguing and interesting work environment for industry professionals. Staying abreast of the latest trends is crucial in ensuring that assistants can offer the best support

How To Communicate With Students After Education Assistant Training

Working with children as an education assistant can be a very rewarding and fun career. It’s also a big responsibility to assist students and teaching staff through the process of imparting essential skills and knowledge to the next generation. In addition to child development, mental health, the principles of education, and other industry-specific competencies covered

How To Facilitate Activities Successfully After Education Assistant Training

It’s been established that most children learn better when actively engaging with course content. For children, especially, play is a key facilitator of learning, and social interactions in classrooms can aid in developing problem-solving, interpersonal, and other essential life skills. As an Education Assistant, your primary role is to support teachers and help create an

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