Considering Dental Assistant Training? Why Dental Assistants Are So Important in Dental Practices

Are you seeking a rewarding career in the dental industry? Consider becoming a dental assistant! As a dental assistant, you’ll be an indispensable member of a dental practice. Your co-workers will value you for the skills you bring to the team, and patients will look to you for guidance and support. If you’re searching for

The Difference Between Level I and Level II Explained for Students in Dental Assistant Training

If you’re looking for a career that has a stable job outlook and pays well, then becoming a dental assistant may be the answer. According to WorkBC, the employment growth rate for dental assistants will be 2.1% from 2018 to 2023 and the median annual salary is currently a comfortable $50,054. As you consider whether

How To Become a Dental Assistant Clients Love To See

Dental assistants know how reluctant some clients are to have that long-overdue procedure. They also know that encouraging them to schedule those appointments often comes down to a welcoming environment and a positive patient experience. From greeting patients to making follow-up appointments, dental assistants are often the first and last members of the dental team

3 Simple Ways Pros With Dental Assistant Training Can Soothe Anxious Clients

It’s a well known fact that many people can suffer a degree of anxiety in advance of receiving dental treatment. This discomfort can vary considerably across individuals, ranging from a slight aversion to a full-blown fear of visiting the dentist. Fortunately, trained dental assistants can employ a number of strategies to help patients feel at

3 Ways You Can Tell if Dental Assistant School is the Right Place for You

Dental assistants are crucial to ensuring that the patient experience at dental offices is as smooth as possible. By assisting dentists with procedures, communicating important information to patients, and much more, dentistry assistants do many hugely valuable things to help people keep their teeth and gums good and healthy. Curious about whether training in this

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