How to Calm Down Children that Are Scared of the Dentist When You Become a Dental Assistant

Whether it’s rational or not, children are often scared of the dentist. As a dental assistant, you may need to calm down these children so that a dentist is able to check their teeth for any potential problems. But what can you do as a dental assistant if you have a child that is dragged

Why Communication Skills Are Important if You Want to Become a Dental Assistant

Trained dental assistants are educated in behavioural sciences, biomedical sciences, oral health sciences and dental assisting theory and practice. In order to apply all of this knowledge and experience to the job, a dental assistant must be an excellent communicator. Communication involves more than just words, especially when you work with clients who may need

If You Become a Dental Assistant, Here’s How You Can Maintain Infection Control

As a dental assistant, you play an important role in helping clients stay safe and healthy. Infection control is an essential part of that process. It helps ensure that any harmful microorganisms don’t spread from client to client, from client to dental assistant, or from a dental assistant to a client. Completing coursework in disease

3 Tips for Finding a Great Employer After Dental Assistant Training

After finishing your training, you will be eager to land a great job working as a dental assistant. It’s important to find employment that makes you feel good at work and allows you to perform to the best of your abilities. Take some of the following things into account so that the workplace you find

3 Simple Ways Pros With Dental Assistant Training Can Soothe Anxious Clients

It’s a well known fact that many people can suffer a degree of anxiety in advance of receiving dental treatment. This discomfort can vary considerably across individuals, ranging from a slight aversion to a full-blown fear of visiting the dentist. Fortunately, trained dental assistants can employ a number of strategies to help patients feel at

3 Ways You Can Tell if Dental Assistant School is the Right Place for You

Dental assistants are crucial to ensuring that the patient experience at dental offices is as smooth as possible. By assisting dentists with procedures, communicating important information to patients, and much more, dentistry assistants do many hugely valuable things to help people keep their teeth and gums good and healthy. Curious about whether training in this

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