5 Self-Care Tips for Students in Community Support Worker Training

Self-care is important for everybody. It keeps us mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, ensuring that we can live well. Once you become a Community Support Worker, you may need to do more self-care than most due to the emotional and mental demands of your role. You should develop a good self-care routine to protect your

Considering Community Support Worker Training? Learn the Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

Research has revealed the link between trauma and adverse mental and physical health outcomes. What’s more, trauma is incredibly common, with about 70% of the global population being exposed to at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. As a community support worker, you will work with clients who are experiencing a variety of difficulties

3 Reasons to Work in a Group Home After Community Support Worker Training

If you’re interested in community support training, it’s safe to say that you care about others and want to dedicate your career to helping them. This is an extremely rewarding path, as there are many individuals out there who could use some extra support in their lives.  Group homes are places that provide supervised therapeutic

Earning a Community Support Worker Diploma? Top Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Are you a people person with a passion for helping others? Earning a Community Support Worker diploma at Discovery Community College will lead you into a rewarding career with a chance to make a difference to people going through difficult times in your community.  Many of these people experience higher levels of stress and difficulty

3 Challenges You’ll be Prepared for After Community Support Worker Training

Are you someone who thrives on helping others and making a positive impact on your community? Becoming a community support worker is an extremely rewarding career, as your job is to offer support and services to people who are going through difficult times in their lives.  A career that’s focused on aiding children and adults

Exploring the History of Human Services in Canada During Your Community Support Worker Diploma

If you’re aspiring to become a community support worker, it’s important that you have the proper training and knowledge to succeed in the field. It’s also a good idea to understand the history of human services in Canada and build an appreciation for how the field has developed. At Discovery Community College, you’ll get hands-on

Tips for Practicing Non-Judgment After Community Support Worker Training

As a community support worker (CSW), you’ll be responsible for encouraging and assisting people who are battling mental health issues, developmental challenges, substance abuse issues, or physical disabilities. That’s why, when you venture into this career, it’s important to be both patient and non-judgmental while helping people make positive strides in their lives.  At Discovery

Working in the Public School System After Getting Your Community Support Worker Diploma

If you’re considering launching a career in the field of community support work, it’s important to note that there are plenty of different work environments to choose from within this industry. Community support workers (CSWs) are professionals who have been trained in the skills necessary to support and guide individuals in difficult situations, helping people

Providing Compassionate Care After Community Support Worker Training

Community support workers have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those around them. Professionals in this field offer services and encouragement to individuals facing numerous challenges, from substance abuse to mental health issues to physical disabilities. Treating those people with compassionate care is the first step to making a positive

[Infographic] What Can You Do with a Community Support Worker Diploma?

Community support workers provide assistance in various forms to individuals. Those with a community support worker diploma can aid individuals dealing with addiction and mental health issues, physical disabilities, developmental problems, and more. Community support workers are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for others. They are perceptive, skilled listeners with good problem-solving capabilities