4 Reasons Why Communities Need People with Community Support Worker Training

A healthy community focuses on inclusion, support and improvement, but not everyone begins on the same footing. Whether due to disability, physical challenges or special needs, some people need help to feel as if they are part of a healthy and happy community. Community support workers (CSWs) are driven to make a meaningful and positive

Using Your Community Support Worker Diploma to Help People with Addictions

Addiction is an illness for which there is no quick fix. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, gambling, or anything else, people with addiction disorders often require assistance from various professionals to help them overcome their individual challenges. Community support workers (CSWs) are a vital cog in this addiction treatment system, providing assessments and implementing comprehensive, tailored

Why Practicum Opportunities are so Essential to Community Support Worker Training

Practicum work is a valuable opportunity for students pursuing a community support worker diploma to gain professional work experience in their chosen field. It presents new and engaging ways to become involved with the community, participate in different aspects of the profession, and build upon important industry connections. Here are some tips for aspiring community

Gain a Great Professional Network Through Community Support Worker Training

There really is something to the expression “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Finding professional success is made immeasurably easier when you have a network of colleagues who are able to swap tips, advice, and information about great new opportunities with you. Networking isn’t much fun for many people, though, and it’s