A Day in the Life of a Bookkeeper Explained for Students in Accounting and Finance Courses

When you complete Accounting and Finance training, you will be prepared for a number of different and important positions. These include, but are not limited to, working as a bookkeeper, accounts clerk, and/or payroll and benefits administrator. Your skill set will give you the flexibility needed to follow the career path that best suits your

3 Ways Business Accounting Training Can Make You a Better Job Candidate

  Many businesses and companies need accounting professionals to provide important support and services for their finances, which means that you have plenty of opportunities to start a new career in business accounting. This also means, however, that other people have the same opportunities as you, and you’ll need to set yourself ahead of the

Calling All Financial Accounting Career Hopefuls: Here’s How Tech Has Transformed Accounting

As increasingly sophisticated technology has made bookkeeping a much more efficient and streamlined process, the ways that bookkeepers and other accounting professionals do their jobs, as well as the scopes of those jobs, have changed substantially. The days of hand-written ledgers, overflowing filing cabinets and long nights spent hunched over a calculator are long gone,

Starting a Benefits Administrator Career After Business Accounting School

  Benefits are often a significant reason why employees choose to work where they do. Having access to the right plans could end up saving them thousands in addition to their normal income. However, employee benefits are often a minefield to navigate for companies. Estimating the best value is a significant challenge, as it’s sometimes

General Tips for Filing Small Business Taxes After Accounting College

Preparing tax returns is a daunting process for many people, but it is a necessary part of running a business. While some small business owners will take it upon themselves to file their own taxes, others will look to accounting professionals to carry out this task. Taxes for small businesses have their own specific set

How to Increase Accuracy and Avoid Mistakes After Accounting School

There’s a horror story from the world of investing that has enjoyed internet fame for years now. In 2005, a Japanese trader accidentally sold more than 600,000 shares for just one yen, when he meant to sell one share for more than 600,000 yen. The mistake ended up costing the company more than 40 billion

4 Vital Careers That Await Graduates of Accounting College

As an ambitious individual interested in enrolling in an accounting program, your career development is your top priority. Even if you are certain that an accounting course is the right move for you, it may still be challenging to narrow down your precise career goals for after graduation. Fortunately, there are many different roles you

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