Your Role in Health Promotion After Practical Nurse Training

The healthcare industry will always need conscientious, caring, and qualified professionals to look out for the medical care of citizens. In addition to performing a wide range of daily practical healthcare duties, medical professionals significantly impact the public reception of various public health issues and health literacy among patients and the community. Regarding health promotion,

Responding In An Emergency After Practical Nurse Training

Alongside other healthcare team members, nurses are essential medical emergency responders. Every moment counts in moments of medical emergencies, and the ability to respond effectively in these situations is a crucial skill for practical nurses.  Completing practical nurse training equips professionals with the knowledge and hands-on experience to navigate high-stress situations and provide timely and

Why Professional Communication Skills Matter When You Become a Practical Nurse

Practical Nurses must typically equip themselves with various skills through designated Health Care Assistant (HCA) or Registered Care Aide (RCA) Training to function effectively. However, while technical skills and medical knowledge are essential for this role, it’s equally crucial for Practical Nurses to develop and hone their professional communication skills. Effective healthcare communication necessitates a

Practicing Self-Care After Practical Nurse Training

Nurses expend much physical and emotional energy caring for their patients and families while navigating workplace stress and wildly unpredictable schedules. These combined factors typically leave most nurses little time to care for themselves. Constant exposure to stressful situations coupled with a lack of self-care has made nurses perhaps more prone than others to burnout,

3 Hospital Units You Can Work in After Practical Nurse Training

Your training and certification as a practical nurse qualify you to work in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and outpatient clinics. With such a diverse lineup of possible options, it’s only natural to wonder where best to apply your skills and expertise after training. If you’re leaning towards working in traditional hospitals,

3 Health Promotion Strategies for Nursing School Students

Licensed Practical Nurses are not only responsible for providing care to patients; they also play an active role in promoting and maintaining patients’ health. Health promotion is an essential aspect of nursing, and it involves various actions aimed at improving health outcomes and preventing diseases. Through these health promotion strategies, practical nurses can help patients

Considering Practical Nursing Training? 3 Interesting Workplaces to Explore

Licensed Practical Nurses sometimes play understated roles in the country’s healthcare system, but their jobs are no less vital. In addition to undergoing rigorous training, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) need to have certain qualities, such as compassion, patience, attention to detail, and communication, in order to be successful and effective in the role. While their

Is Practical Nurse Training Right For You? 3 Signs That Point to Yes!

Careers in the medical field are very rewarding; however, they require a lot of mental, emotional, and physical energy, making them relatively demanding in nature. Practical nursing is no different, and if you’re thinking about pursuing this career path, you may be wondering if it suits your unique set of talents and aptitudes. We may

Why Teamwork Skills Are Essential for Those in Nursing School

As a nurse, much of your work will be done in a team. Charting and administering medication are just a couple of independent tasks you can expect, but most of your other daily duties will involve collaboration with other nurses and medical staff. For example, you’ll likely have to discuss care plans with doctors and

Reducing Burnout after Graduating from Nursing School

If you’re interested in a dynamic and fast-paced work environment with a focus on helping others, becoming a nurse may be the perfect career choice for you. At Discovery Community College, our Provincial Practical Nursing Program (PPNP) provides you with a comprehensive education encompassing the knowledge and skills required to confidently enter the workplace, as

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