Preventing Compassion Fatigue when you Become a Health Care Assistant

Compassion fatigue is physical and mental exhaustion, combined with emotional withdrawal. It comes as a result of caring for others who have illnesses or traumas over a long period of time. Sometimes, these feelings can also cause apathetic or indifferent thoughts for caregivers. As a health care assistant (HCA), you not only provide important services

How On-Site Health Care Assistant Training Develops Long-Term Skills

Students enrolled in a health care assistant (HCA) program will eventually get the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in class to real-life settings — and at Discovery Community College, they’ll get to do this while still in school through on-site training. While there’s plenty you can learn in a classroom with regards to becoming

Why Working in a Retirement Home After Health Care Assistant training is so Fulfilling

Studying to work as a health care assistant can prepare you for employment in several different environments, including in a retirement home. Though this may present a unique set of challenges, the experience of caring for the elderly and their needs is ultimately a rewarding one — and with a quarter of Canada’s population projected

Use These Pro Tips to Excel in Your HCA Training Work Placement

One of the most enticing course components offered by the best healthcare assistant (HCA) career college programs is the chance to do a work placement practicum in a long-term care setting alongside preceptorship in an assisted living setting. This experience gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge from the classroom in a real professional