Oral Surgery: Your Role After Dental Assistant Training

Choosing a career in dental assisting means embracing a multifaceted role in a field that makes a real difference in people’s lives. At Discovery Community College (DCC), we take pride in our comprehensive Dental Assistant training program, which prepares our graduates for a fulfilling and dynamic career. Dental assistants are indispensable team members in dental

4 Tips for Working With Pediatric Patients After Dental Assistant Training

Throughout your dental assistant training, you’ll work with patients of all age groups. Part of your work will involve adapting your approach to the needs of each patient. Working with pediatric patients comes with its own unique joys and challenges. If you’re wondering what to expect when you encounter pediatric patients during your dental assistant

Clinical Skills You’ll Gain in Dental Assistant College

Becoming a dental assistant means relying on a wide range of skills and hands-on experience to provide patients with the attention and care they need. During your dental assistant training, you’ll be learning from expert instructors and working with real dental patients to develop these capabilities, setting you up for career success.  As a student

Is a Dental Assistant Career Right for You? 4 Signs That Point to YES!

Dental assisting can be a rewarding career path for those interested in oral health and hygiene. Dental assistants provide a valuable service, caring for patients while also helping dentists manage various instruments and supplies during the patient’s treatment. If you’re someone who enjoys working with and helping others, then a future in dental assisting might

Anyone in a Dental Assistant Career Should Know the 5 Top Causes of Cavities

Cavities are an oral health problem that many people suffer from at least once in their lifetime. Cavities occur with tooth decay, which happens when our enamel breaks down and softens. With softening enamel, the acids that the natural bacteria in our mouths create can permeate the enamel more easily. This can result in cavities—tiny

5 Top Reasons for Tooth Extraction Explained for Students of Dental Assistant Training

Dental assistants experience a busy work life, with duties ranging from administrative tasks to taking x-rays and removing stitches. They work with the rest of the dental team, sometimes providing assistance to the dentist as they work on more complex procedures.  Although sometimes necessary for the dentist to perform, permanent tooth extraction can be an

5 Facts About Water Flossing for Students in Dental Assistant Training

If you’re thinking about a career as a dental assistant, your job might involve advising clients on oral health practices in order to ensure that they’re taking good care of their teeth. As you also might come to realize as a dental assistant, many of the clients you speak with will struggle to floss regularly,

Do You Want to Become a Dental Assistant? Discover 3 Natural Teeth Whiteners

Oral health is important for many reasons. It’s important to overall health, and it’s also something that can have a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem. Having a pearly-white smile helps many feel comfortable and confident.  Recently, social media sites and blogs have started spreading information about do-it-yourself teeth whitening fixes. If you want to

How to Calm Down Children that Are Scared of the Dentist When You Become a Dental Assistant

Whether it’s rational or not, children are often scared of the dentist. As a dental assistant, you may need to calm down these children so that a dentist is able to check their teeth for any potential problems. But what can you do as a dental assistant if you have a child that is dragged

Why Teamwork Is Important for Your Dental Assistant Career

Teamwork is an important and integral aspect of a successful dental assisting career. Strong communication among co-workers and with clients is part of strong teamwork. Similarly, the ability for oral health care team members to be team players contributes significantly to overall client care. Although each member plays a different role within a dental office,

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