4 Interesting Career Opportunities to Explore After Accounting and Finance Training

Entering a new work industry can be intimidating, whether you recently graduated and are looking to establish a career; or re-entering the workforce on a new path after some time away. Thankfully, there are training programs that can make this process easier and more accessible, including for those interested in entering the accounting and finance

An Intro to QuickBooks and Online Accounting for Those Interested in Finance and Accounting Training

Finance and accounting professionals are the backbones of well-organized and efficient businesses. Without these necessary workers, a business would unravel into an uncoordinated mess of purchases and sales, employees and clients. But even the professionals who help keep a business’ finances neat and coherent need ways to keep themselves organized too.  With the rise of

3 Things Students at Accounting School Should Know About Canadian Payroll and Employment Standards

Accounting and finance professionals are essential in almost every business. You could choose to work for a large corporation or a small business, in insurance, real estate, or any other sector that interests you. Errors relating to payroll and employment standards can be very costly for businesses, so skilled financial professionals like bookkeepers tend to

3 Time Management Skills to Use in Your Accounting & Finance Training

In business accounting, time is money—and in more ways than one. Effective time management is an important part of succeeding while studying for any field, but especially for business accounting, in that it’s a major skill that can help you advance your career once you start working. An established routine can be difficult to maintain

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