In Financial Accounting Training? An Intro to Bookkeeping for Entrepreneurs

Accounting is an essential skill for so many different kinds of professionals. Entrepreneurs, in particular, will benefit from accounting skills as many of them don’t come from a financial background. For example, as an artisan donut shop owner, you’d want to focus on perfecting recipes and developing new ones. Stressing about an area of your

How to Develop and Achieve Your Career Goals after Your Financial Accounting Training

Of the greatest advantages of pursuing a career in accounting and finance is the variety of employment opportunities across industries when you start your career. Whether you’d like to work in corporations, real estate, insurance, government departments, small businesses, or even independently as a contractor, the options are virtually endless.  At Discovery Community College, you

The Benefits of Using Sage 50 for Students in Financial Accounting Training

As technology advances, the scope of a financial accounting professional’s role changes, shaped by new software, standards and practices. If you’re considering a career in financial accounting, at Discovery Community College, you’ll build skills in Quickbooks, Canadian Payroll and Employment Standards, Canadian Manual Bookkeeping, and more, helping you to easily transition into a career.  One

3 Great Skills to Practice During Your Accounting and Finance Program

For an aspiring individual who wants to pursue a successful career in accounting and finance, having the proper training and gaining the necessary skill set is essential for success. So, to become confident throughout your career, you’ll need to practice certain skills during your training. At Discovery Community College, you’ll get hands-on training that will

Small Business Bookkeeping: A Guide for those Taking Accounting and Finance Courses

Good bookkeeping practices are essential not only for larger businesses and corporations, but for small businesses as well. If you’re considering a career as an accounting and finance professional, your skills will qualify you for a range of career opportunities, and working as a bookkeeper for small businesses could be one of them. Bookkeeping professionals

Enrolled in Accounting and Finance Courses? 4 Things to Know Before Using Sage Accounting

If you’re considering a career in the field of accounting and finance, Sage 50 will be your best friend. Created as a desktop accounting software to perform accounting for businesses, the use of Sage 50 streamlines standard accounting practices such as cashflow management, bill payments, accounts payables, and accounts receivable.  Additionally, accounting and finance professionals

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