Small Business Bookkeeping: A Guide for those Taking Accounting and Finance Courses

Good bookkeeping practices are essential not only for larger businesses and corporations, but for small businesses as well. If you’re considering a career as an accounting and finance professional, your skills will qualify you for a range of career opportunities, and working as a bookkeeper for small businesses could be one of them. Bookkeeping professionals

Enrolled in Accounting and Finance Courses? 4 Things to Know Before Using Sage Accounting

If you’re considering a career in the field of accounting and finance, Sage 50 will be your best friend. Created as a desktop accounting software to perform accounting for businesses, the use of Sage 50 streamlines standard accounting practices such as cashflow management, bill payments, accounts payables, and accounts receivable.  Additionally, accounting and finance professionals

3 Time Management Skills to Use in Your Accounting & Finance Training

In business accounting, time is money—and in more ways than one. Effective time management is an important part of succeeding while studying for any field, but especially for business accounting, in that it’s a major skill that can help you advance your career once you start working. An established routine can be difficult to maintain

3 Ways Business Accounting Training Can Make You a Better Job Candidate

  Many businesses and companies need accounting professionals to provide important support and services for their finances, which means that you have plenty of opportunities to start a new career in business accounting. This also means, however, that other people have the same opportunities as you, and you’ll need to set yourself ahead of the

How to Increase Accuracy and Avoid Mistakes After Accounting School

There’s a horror story from the world of investing that has enjoyed internet fame for years now. In 2005, a Japanese trader accidentally sold more than 600,000 shares for just one yen, when he meant to sell one share for more than 600,000 yen. The mistake ended up costing the company more than 40 billion

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