Discovery College students chatting in the hallway. Text on the image says See what our graduates have to say.
Students share their experience at Discovery Community College
...the supportive team at DCC made it easy.

In August 2015 I came to Discovery Community College to pursue Health Care Assistance which went with my past training in paramedics. Being an international student from Crimea I knew it would be a challenge. However, the supportive team at DCC made it easy. My favorite part of the program was being in the classroom, it was fun and informative. The friendly environment made it easy as an international student to become engaged. I made a lot of friends at Discovery Community College that I will continue to stay in touch with. Attending Discovery Community College allowed me to see the working environment in British Columbia and made me career ready.

Anyuta Boiko, Health Care Assistant Graduate

To have this school here and know I could go home… made it easier to be at school every day.  I love it!

Patricia Campbell, Mobile Training Program Student

The skills I learned were priceless…

Haily Logos, Community Support Worker Graduate

I can proudly say that going to Discovery was one of the greatest choices I have made in my life. Now I not only have a job, but a career which I am proud of.

Ana McManus, Community Support Worker Graduate

Discovery Community College gave me the training and skills to get into the work force. The small class size, hands on training and superb teaching gave me confidence and knowledge.

Kiel Yablonski, Health Care Assistant Graduate

Going back to college was one of the better decisions I have made. My experience at Discovery College has been an exceptional one.

Darshan Bains, Medical Dental Office Assistant Graduate

I had an interview the day of graduation and was hired on the spot. I never thought I would see a paycheck like that!

Cindy MacIssac, Health Care Assistant Graduate

Thank you Discovery, the training got me the job I was looking for. In fact, I was late for the graduation ceremony as I had to attend an interview – what a graduation present!

Ernie Scow, Carpentry, Forming and Framing Graduate

I was able to practice skills in the classroom due to the small class size and found employment right out of graduation.

Lee Smith, Practical Nurse Access Graduate
...I was given nothing but encouragement and support.

From the classroom banter to lunchroom chatter…from hands on experience to heartwarming conversations, these past months have created memories I will cherish. From the moment I stepped into [the college], I was given nothing but encouragement and support. Making sure that all the ‘I’s were dotted and ‘T’s’ crossed, we were fortunate to be taught by intelligent and extraordinary instructors, each with their own style and expertise. They led by example and compassion in assisting us as we worked hard to achieve our goals and for that I say, Thank you.

Tonya Kehoe – Health Care Assistant Program Graduate