Business Administration Programs

Program Overview

Our program provides graduates with the skills and knowledge required to work in a modern office environment. Your hands-on training will include computer hardware, computer software (focusing on the MS Office suite), organizational and communication skills, basic bookkeeping with computerized accounting, and employment skills. You will work both independently and cooperatively and have many opportunities to problem-solve and engage in class discussions.

Business Computer Applications (CBA)

  • 15 weeks
  • Computer hardware and software including MS Office (Excel, Access, Word & PowerPoint)

Accounting and Finance (AF)

  • 15 weeks
  • Bookkeeping plus Simply Accounting, QuickBooks and Payroll

Medical Dental Applications (MDA)

  • 30 weeks
  • Specialized training in anatomy, medical terminology and pharmacology in addition to a comprehensive range of office administration skills including medical and dental billing software systems.

* Flexible diploma and certificate options based on these semesters include:

Medical Dental Office Management

  • 60 week Diploma program
  • 3 semesters: CBA + MDA + AF

Office Administration

  • 30 week Certificate program
  • 2 semesters: CBA + AF

Medical Dental Office Administration

  • 45 week Diploma program
  • semesters: CBA + MDA

Medical Dental Accounting Administration

  • 45 week Diploma program
  • 2 semesters: AF + MDA