Police Foundations Program at Discovery: What You Need To Know

When students attend the Police Foundations Program at any of our campuses they learn from people with a terrific amount of law enforcement experience in the legal field. One of these instructors is Patrick Tracy, who teaches at the Surrey campus.

Police Foundations Program, Explained

In this video, Patrick describes what you can expect of the Police Foundations Program at Discovery Community College. He loves his work, and with a 98% graduate placement rate, it’s clear that he and the other instructors are excellent at what they do.

Being a student in the Police Foundations Program is a unique experience; we feature small classrooms, interactive teaching methods, and enthusiastic instructors. Often, instructors come in with newspapers and discuss issues of the day and how they relate to law enforcement.

One of the skills emphasized in the program, public speaking, may come as a surprise to some prospective students. However, it’s a vital part of any police officer’s career. Law enforcement professionals often need to address the public, on the beat, in the media, and in the courtroom.

Rigorous Curriculum, Part-Time Hours

The Police Foundation Program at Discovery Community College features 20 hours a week of challenging study, and takes 60 weeks to complete. Unlike other law enforcement training programs, this is in-depth, demanding work. But it is still possible to earn money and attend to family needs while you learn. Even better, as part of the program, students gain experience in an industry practicum. Learning on the job, experienced law enforcement professionals mentor you and become valuable connections before you graduate.

Are You Ready To Train For A Career In Law Enforcement?

The Basic Security Training Certificate that you receive as a graduate of the Police Foundations program opens many doors. Our graduates can be found in many environments, including policing, corrections, security, border services and investigations. For more information about this demanding and rewarding career path, contact a friendly admissions advisor at a Discovery Community College.