Dental Assistant Training at Discovery – Shannon’s Story

What reasons can you think of to train for a new career? Sometimes, people choose Discovery Community College because they feel underemployed. Others, like Shannon Carlsen, have what look like great careers, but they are no longer fulfilling.

Shannon’s Story: From Office Towers to Dental Offices

Shannon was a PR manager in the gold mining industry, with a desk job in Vancouver. But after some life changes, she found she wanted a career change as well. Dental Assisting appealed to her for its people and health focus, and the ability to work closer to home. After checking out several options, Discovery Community College was the place she chose to take her training. Find out why Discovery had the program for her, and how her life has changed for the better since becoming a Certified Dental Assistant.

Is Dental Assisting a promising career choice for you, as well? Find out by taking our free quiz, or contacting one of the Admissions Advisors at Discovery Community College. A new career may be exactly the change you need!