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Career training with Discovery Community College is an affordable, practical start for bright future in Canada

Career Training for a New Career and a New Life in Canada

British Columbia is a major destination for international students wanting to obtain Canadian Credentials and work towards beginning a new career in Canada. Our hands-on, Government of British Columbia Designated programs, are designed to give you a distinct advantage in today’s job market.

Why British Columbia?

Whether you enjoy the noise of the city or being in touch with the majesty of nature in smaller coastal communities, there is a place for you in British Columbia. No matter which Discovery campus you attend, you will receive the high-quality, career-focused training that we deliver to all students at any of our six campuses.

Why Live in Vancouver?

As Western Canada’s largest city, Vancouver beautifully balances big-city excitement with incredible natural scenery. Located in southwestern British Columbia, along the United States border, the city enjoys one of the mildest climates in Canada. From great food, hockey games, an active arts scene, to vast parks with both ocean and mountain views, Vancouver has something for everyone.

Vancouver is a perfect place for international students to study because of its wide range of activities and a welcoming, multicultural society. There are communities from all over the world in the city, so you can enjoy exploring Canadian life while staying connected to the food, faith, and people of your culture.

Students at our Maple Ridge and Surrey campuses enjoy access to the heart of Vancouver by bus and Sky-Train. Other exciting places, such as Whistler, Victoria, and Seattle, are just a couple hour’s drive or a short ferry ride away. Vancouver International Airport offers direct flights to many other destinations in Western Canada, the United States, South America and worldwide.

Why Live on Vancouver Island?

Vancouver Island is filled with natural beauty; soaring snow-capped mountains during the winter months, placid lakes, majestic forests and wildlife in abundance. Located off the mainland coast and away from the busy streets of the city, Vancouver Island is a quieter, more laid-back region filled with character and is blessed with the mildest climate in Canada.

Only on Vancouver Island is it possible to alpine ski, play golf, and go fishing all on the same day during the winter months, when the rest of Canada is still under a blanket of snow. With flowers budding as early as January, Southern Vancouver Island enjoys an almost Mediterranean climate.

McMillan Provincial Park, Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island provides an unequalled opportunity for international students to experience Canadian culture in our warm, welcoming, communities. Many traditional Canadian activities, including year-round hiking, skiing on alpine slopes in the winter months, kayaking, surfing on the Pacific Coast of the island, camping in the many secluded campsites, golfing, fishing, bird and wildlife watching, are available on the island. Vancouver Island’s population lives in one of the few remaining, natural, unspoilt areas of our world, and because of that, we have an abundance of clean air and water.

And the fun is not just found outdoors; traditional and Native arts and entertainment are everywhere. There is dining to suit all tastes and Island-made wines to accompany your favourite dishes. Vancouver Island is the ideal place to balance studying with all of your life’s needs.

Students at our Nanaimo, Parksville, Courtenay, and Campbell River campuses enjoy access to countless beaches, mountains, forest and park trails steps from home. Vancouver is only a short distance by car and ferry, and historic Victoria, BC’s capital, lies at the southernmost tip of the island a short commute by road from our locations.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in British Columbia?

People in British Columbia enjoy an excellent quality of life through a combination of natural scenery, high living standards, and beneficial services such as public transportation. While living in BC, you should expect to pay approximately:

  • Rent for one room in a shared house/apartment: $400-650 per month
  • Monthly Bus Pass: $90-120 per month in Vancouver; $50-65 per month on Vancouver Island
  • Meal at chain restaurant: $15-20
  • Groceries: $50-60 per person per week
  • Phone Plan (Bring Your Own Phone): $50 per month
  • Gas: $1.50 per litre

Costs may vary from location to location, with Vancouver Island being the most reasonable.

Where Can I Stay While Studying?

Shared Accommodation

Comfortable and affordable shared accommodation can be found in a variety of places close to Discovery Community College campuses. Listings can be found on a variety of Canadian classified sites.

Craigslist is a good pace to look.


Homestay is available. There are many affordable homestay options, such as:

White Rock Homestay
Surrey Homestay Agency

We can offer assistance to applicants wishing to find accommodation.

Can I Work in Canada After Studying?

For more information about working in Canada and permanent Canadian residency, please visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website.

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