Financial Aid

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Funding Your Training – An Investment in Your Future

Career training is one of the most valuable investments you can make. Investing in yourself can help you pursue a rewarding, professional career and a brighter future. Most learners require some form of financial assistance.

The experienced Financial Aid Advisors at Discovery Community College can help you explore your financial options and investigate the various funding options you may qualify for. It’s important to speak with an Advisor so you know which documents you’ll need and the training-related information necessary to complete loan applications.

Discovery Community College is regulated by the Ministry of Advanced Education.

How Discovery Helps You

Financial Aid can be a complicated procedure, but our experienced staff will break it down and walk you through the process easily. In addition to relying on self-funding or family support, Discovery trainees may qualify for employment insurance, First Nations Band funding, Canada Student Loans, or bank lines of credit.

Many learners earn enough extra income in their new jobs in one to five years to pay their tuition off. For a lot of learners, successful career training completion can mean as much as a 50% to 100% pay raise.

Career Training Can Be Attainable For You – Discover Your Options Today

For more information or to speak with a knowledgeable Financial Aid Advisor, fill out the form on this page or call 1-877-315-5241 and ask about scheduling an appointment to discuss funding your training.

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