Why are Graduates of Health Care Assistant Training in Such High Demand?

Due to technological advancements and progress in medicine, the population of Canada is growing older and living longer than previous generations. As a result, the health care industry is transforming, becoming one of the largest sources of job opportunities in the country, as more people reach an advanced age and require consistent, comprehensive care. A

4 Reasons Why Communities Need People with Community Support Worker Training

A healthy community focuses on inclusion, support and improvement, but not everyone begins on the same footing. Whether due to disability, physical challenges or special needs, some people need help to feel as if they are part of a healthy and happy community. Community support workers (CSWs) are driven to make a meaningful and positive

Considering a Career in Healthcare? 3 Ways to Know if Practical Nursing Training is Right For You

For anyone who enjoys working with people, thrives in fast-paced environments and takes satisfaction in providing care and comfort to those in need, healthcare is an incredibly rewarding industry to work in. Fortunately, due to Canada’s aging population, healthcare professionals like nurses are in high demand, so there’s never been a better time to enter

Is International Trade Management School Right for You? 5 Traits that Indicate It Is

In our increasingly global economy, organizations need professionals with skills and expertise in international trade management to ensure that their supply chains remain unbroken and that their businesses continue to run smoothly. These professionals track shipments, arrange warehousing of inventory and equipment, ensure compliance with complex laws and regulations, and plan routes and methods for

Congratulations to the Discovery Grad Class of 2016!

Learn a Myriad of Programs in British Columbia Congratulations to the Discovery Community College 2016 graduates! They studied long and hard, pulled all-nighters, wrote papers and attended classes both online and in person. Sometimes they even had other jobs and families to manage. Despite their busy schedules the class of 2016 worked very hard, and it

Police Foundations Program at Discovery: What You Need To Know

When students attend the Police Foundations Program at any of our campuses they learn from people with a terrific amount of law enforcement experience in the legal field. One of these instructors is Patrick Tracy, who teaches at the Surrey campus. Police Foundations Program, Explained In this video, Patrick describes what you can expect of

Dental Assistant Training at Discovery – Shannon’s Story

What reasons can you think of to train for a new career? Sometimes, people choose Discovery Community College because they feel underemployed. Others, like Shannon Carlsen, have what look like great careers, but they are no longer fulfilling. Shannon’s Story: From Office Towers to Dental Offices Shannon was a PR manager in the gold mining