3 Great Skills to Practice During Your Accounting and Finance Program

For an aspiring individual who wants to pursue a successful career in accounting and finance, having the proper training and gaining the necessary skill set is essential for success. So, to become confident throughout your career, you’ll need to practice certain skills during your training. At Discovery Community College, you’ll get hands-on training that will

Monitoring Compliance During Your International Trade Management Career

International trade management involves monitoring supply chain operations in companies across all sectors. Businesses rely on professionals in this field to source goods for the products and services that they deliver. As supply chains become more complex and global, the need to monitor operations and ensure compliance becomes more important.  In your international trade management

Tips for Practicing Non-Judgment After Community Support Worker Training

As a community support worker (CSW), you’ll be responsible for encouraging and assisting people who are battling mental health issues, developmental challenges, substance abuse issues, or physical disabilities. That’s why, when you venture into this career, it’s important to be both patient and non-judgmental while helping people make positive strides in their lives.  At Discovery

A Brief Guide to MS Access for Office Administration Students

Looking to work in a modern office environment? Nowadays, being able to troubleshoot technical problems, use computers for office correspondence, and manage files & information has become important for individuals wishing to work in various office administration positions. If you want to do well when tackling these tasks, it’ll be important for you to know

Why a Hands-On Approach is Important When Training for a New Career

When you’re pursuing a new program of study to achieve your career aspirations, you’ll likely enjoy hands-on training as a method of teaching. Hands-on training is an effective method of capturing your attention and engaging you with the learning material on a practical level.  At Discovery Community College, we know that experience is of the

3 Reasons to Become a Freight Broker After International Trade Management College

Companies in different sectors across Canada and around the world rely on qualified professionals to manage their logistics and supply chain processes, delivering goods and products intended for consumer use. As a freight broker, you’ll be in charge of managing and connecting these companies and their products with various freight carriers for shipment. You’ll enter

Want to Become a Practical Nurse? A Brief Guide to the Ethics of Practical Nursing

Upholding ethical standards is essential for the practical nursing profession. Practical nurses’ responsibilities towards providing the proper health care to the community require a diverse set of skills and proper ethical standards. Throughout their careers, these principles offer them guidance on how to handle and approach their care of patients with the proper care and

The Importance of Teaching Patients Proper Oral Hygiene During Your Dental Assistant Career

As an aspiring dental assistant, one of the major roles that you’ll perform throughout your career is advising patients on the importance of proper oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene, which includes brushing and flossing, protects the teeth from decay, health complications and limits the chance of future infections. Through the Dental Assistant II Program at

4 Reasons to Start Training for a New Career in the New Year

We tend to make several new year resolutions, but often we’re unable to complete them all without the right support system in place. Consider making one big change that would have a huge impact on your life, such as starting a new career with a suitable training program to get you there.  At Discovery Community

In Healthcare Assistant Training? 4 Tips for Caring for Elderly Patients During Winter

During the winter season, the elderly are vulnerable to developing health complications that could be avoided with the proper care procedures in place. As a healthcare assistant, you’ll be responsible for ensuring those procedures are followed by providing personal assistance and support services to elderly clients to promote their health and wellbeing. At Discovery Community