Considering Computerized Business Applications Training? 4 Typing Tips You Need

In any modern office environment, basic software skills are required to ensure the efficiency of daily operations. If you want to improve your employability by upgrading your computerized business skills, sharpening your typing skills may be top of mind. Efficient typing skills can save time, increase productivity, and reduce fatigue. Read on to learn four

Considering Dental Assistant Training? 5 Interesting Facts About Tooth Fillings

After standard checkups, fillings are the most common reason for dental visits. Despite the fact that many people have had at least one filling, most know very little about the procedure. If you’re an aspiring dental assistant, your ability to engage patients and perhaps teach them something interesting about their health may contribute to their

In Practical Nurse Training? 5 Tips for Working with Seniors

Caring for the elderly can be a trying yet rewarding experience, as with many roles in nursing. As a practical nurse, you may find yourself drawn to elderly care for a combination of reasons, from your own personality traits to your ideal workplace. With training from Discovery Community College, you can gain experience in real-world

3 Challenges You’ll be Prepared for After Community Support Worker Training

Are you someone who thrives on helping others and making a positive impact on your community? Becoming a community support worker is an extremely rewarding career, as your job is to offer support and services to people who are going through difficult times in their lives.  A career that’s focused on aiding children and adults

Why Health Care Assistant Training Ensures a Stable Career

Health care assistants provide much-needed support and personal care services to elderly patrons, those who are living with injuries or disabilities, and those who are chronically ill. Those working in this role are rewarded every day by being able to help and make a true difference in the lives of others. Are you compassionate and

Understanding Variations in Healthcare After Nursing School

Ensuring high-quality care is a key concern for professionals in the healthcare industry. Hospitals, clinics, and other care providers rely on best practices to deliver consistent quality care. It is when these processes or outcomes differ from those practiced by other professionals or those outlined as the standard practice that variation occurs.  Generally speaking, variation

Documentation in an International Trade Management Career

If you’re highly organized, attentive to detail and love communicating and coordinating with people from all different backgrounds, a career in international trade management could be right for you. International trade management professionals are responsible for conducting a number of duties related to the global export and import of goods or services. They’ll work to

Up Your Employability With Health Care Assistant Training

If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, a career as a Health Care Assistant could be right for you. Health Care Assistants work within retirement homes, assisted living residences, hospices and extended care facilities to deliver quality care to the elderly, disabled, injured or chronically ill. In addition to meeting

Exploring the History of Human Services in Canada During Your Community Support Worker Diploma

If you’re aspiring to become a community support worker, it’s important that you have the proper training and knowledge to succeed in the field. It’s also a good idea to understand the history of human services in Canada and build an appreciation for how the field has developed. At Discovery Community College, you’ll get hands-on

A Look Into the Different Dental Specialties for Students in Dental Assistant College to Explore

If you’re considering training to become a dental assistant, you might have pictured yourself supporting the work of dentists within traditional dental offices. However, within the field of dentistry, there are many different opportunities for specialization. During your dental assistant program at Discovery Community College, you’ll learn more about the various specializations within dentistry, including

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