Key Competencies You’ll Develop in Medical Office Management Training

If you’re considering a medical or dental office administration career, you may be wondering what competencies are required to excel in the role. Even if you don’t currently possess all the skills you need to succeed, familiarizing yourself with the requirements of your future career will help you to be aware of your strengths and

3 Reasons to Work in a Group Home After Community Support Worker Training

If you’re interested in community support training, it’s safe to say that you care about others and want to dedicate your career to helping them. This is an extremely rewarding path, as there are many individuals out there who could use some extra support in their lives.  Group homes are places that provide supervised therapeutic

Providing Companionship to Seniors After Health Care Assistant Training

According to Statistics Canada, adults 75 and older feel loneliness at higher rates (14%) than younger adults (9%). This is quite a striking difference that reveals a widespread problem in our aging population. If you’re considering a career as a healthcare assistant worker, providing companionship to your elderly clients will be a crucial part of

The Importance of Medical Transcription Skills After Medical Office Admin Training

It’s essential to the health and safety of anyone who visits a medical office that records be a hundred percent correct. Even with the help of speech recognition software, medical transcription can be a challenging task that requires medical office administrators to be precise and accurate. If you’re interested in becoming a medical office administrator,

Earning a Community Support Worker Diploma? Top Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Are you a people person with a passion for helping others? Earning a Community Support Worker diploma at Discovery Community College will lead you into a rewarding career with a chance to make a difference to people going through difficult times in your community.  Many of these people experience higher levels of stress and difficulty

Why Teamwork Skills Are Essential for Those in Nursing School

As a nurse, much of your work will be done in a team. Charting and administering medication are just a couple of independent tasks you can expect, but most of your other daily duties will involve collaboration with other nurses and medical staff. For example, you’ll likely have to discuss care plans with doctors and

Considering Dental Assistant Training? 5 Interesting Facts About Tooth Fillings

After standard checkups, fillings are the most common reason for dental visits. Despite the fact that many people have had at least one filling, most know very little about the procedure. If you’re an aspiring dental assistant, your ability to engage patients and perhaps teach them something interesting about their health may contribute to their

In Financial Accounting Training? An Intro to Bookkeeping for Entrepreneurs

Accounting is an essential skill for so many different kinds of professionals. Entrepreneurs, in particular, will benefit from accounting skills as many of them don’t come from a financial background. For example, as an artisan donut shop owner, you’d want to focus on perfecting recipes and developing new ones. Stressing about an area of your

Warehouse Best Practices to Apply After International Trade Management Courses

Warehousing is a growing industry as more companies are tapping into the global market. Due to the immense volume of merchandise which travels the world each day, there are a variety of roles to fill under the warehousing umbrella. Professionals who have undergone international trade management training can seek out careers in logistics, supply chain

4 Microsoft Office 365 Tips to Try in Your Office Administration Career

If you’re striving towards a career in office administration, there’s plenty to look forward to. You will be a valued team member as your workplace simply could not operate properly without you. As an office administrator, you will be responsible for maintaining the office systems that have been put in place, supervising staff, preparing payroll,