Today’s Office Administrator – Multiple Talents Needed

An Office Assistant working at her deskIf you are looking for a position with a ton of variety and challenge, then training as an office administrator is a great way to kickstart your career. Today’s office administrator often coordinates the work of whole teams of people. One moment you’ll be deep in a spreadsheet going over budget figures, and the next, you’ll be putting together a reception for visiting clients.  This this kind of versatility can’t always be taught, but you can learn excellent computerized business applications skills, like the ones taught in the Computer Business Applications program at Discovery Community College.

Computers Increase Productivity and Demand for Versatility

A generation ago, an administrative assistant’s job involved typing, paper filing, phoning, filling journals and paper schedules. By comparison, most of the work now is done by computer and online. With smartphones and apps, it’s even possible to be mobile and get office work done. All these technological advances come with a price, however; office administrators in 2016 now do the work of several people, including travel agents, typists, and personal assistants. That is why it’s vital to arrive in a new position already familiar with foundational office programs like Microsoft Office Suite, and to have some employability skills firmly established. Time management, anyone?

Here’s a typical list of the responsibilities that an office administrator can expect to have on a regular basis:

  • scheduling appointments and meetings
  • organizing events
  • arranging communication technology for meetings
  • record and distribute meeting minutes
  • writing and responding to emails
  • developing spreadsheets
  • documenting office procedures
  • organizing travel arrangements
  • ordering supplies and maintaining inventory
  • preparing documents and presentations
  • updating content on websites
  • tracking and managing records

All of these tasks now involve substantial computer skills, and that is why Discovery Community College makes computer skills development a major part of their business programs. In the Computer Business Applications program, you learn how to:

  • troubleshoot technical problems with computers
  • determine when you need expert assistance
  • apply the internet and email to work situations
  • manage files and folders using Windows
  • use the Microsoft Office Suite to accomplish a variety of administrative and management tasks
  • provide excellent customer service and support

Today’s Office Administrator Needs Skills to Last a Lifetime

Because working with computers is an ever-evolving skill, we emphasize the personal management skills you learn at Discovery as much as the technical skills. Learning how to be adaptable, demonstrate positive attitudes and always keep learning are key to your success in any environment that depends on technology.  If this sounds like an attractive challenge to you, then you owe it to yourself to contact us and find out more.