6 Tricks for Producing a Professional Report at Discovery Community College

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In this addition Croix takes on part one of three Microsoft Word modules. Croix’s consensus? It’s pretty cool! The online class shows everything you need to know to produce a polished and professional report. This is extremely important for anyone going through international trade school to learn because managing supplies and shipments will be an essential component of their career.

The Microsoft word module goes over a variety of things, including how to:

  • Write proper paragraphs and use spacing and indents at the beginning of paragraphs
  • Make page borders and proper titles
  • Change the font and text size
  • Insert venn diagrams and add colour
  • Make bulleted and numbered lists
  • Include pictures and videos

Mastering these skills are very important if you are doing advertising or sending a file to someone and you want the report to be eye catching. Once Croix completes the Microsoft Word section he will know how to make a report look very professional. These skills are transferable and will be useful for a number of things!

If Croix can do it so can you! Come and check out the International Trade Management program at Discovery Community College. Give us a call at 1-877-315-5241 today!