Why Professionals with Practical Nurse Training Are In-Demand

Practical nurses, also referred to as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in the province of British Columbia, play a crucial role in Canada’s healthcare system. Working under the direction of registered nurses and medical practitioners, these professionals provide nursing care to a variety of patients. The typical responsibilities of a practical nurse might include observing patients, assessing their condition, monitoring their progress, and documenting any symptoms or reactions. Licensed practical nurses may also administer medication and other treatments, and keep the patients and their families informed of their patients’ condition. Their skills and sound judgement are vital in ensuring that quality care is given to those who need it, whether they’re working in hospitals or residential care facilities. 

Despite the importance of practical nurses within Canada’s healthcare system, today a shortage of practical nurses has led to increased demand for trained professionals to fulfill positions. If you’re considering becoming a practical nurse, read on to discover why these professionals are in demand, and what this could mean, both for the future of the profession and your future career.

The Shortage of Professionals with Practical Nursing Training in Canada

Today, Canada faces a shortage of licensed practical nurses, a problem which has roots in a number of different factors. For one, Canada’s population is aging, with the percentage of citizens over 65 expected to continue rising. With an aging population comes a greater demand for care, which cannot be fulfilled by the current number of trained practical nursing professionals in Canada today. Practical nurses will be needed to meet the long-term care requirements of seniors, and will also be important in providing home care services. Additionally, as much of the practical nursing workforce within Canada is nearing retirement age, many positions will open up within the practical nursing field, leaving behind a shortage of practical nurses. For those considering practical nursing training, there’s no better time to become qualified to provide care to those who need it.

Today, Canada faces a shortage of licensed practical nurses

Practical Nurses Are In-Demand

Once you become a practical nurse, you’ll have no trouble finding employment. Canada’s healthcare sector is growing fast, with some of the most in-demand positions belonging to licensed practical nurses. According to Job Bank Canada, the employment outlook for practical nurses in British Columbia is “Good,” with the province expecting to add 1,500 new full-time healthcare positions in the coming years. With Canada’s population expected to continue aging and life expectancy projected to grow, the demand for practical nurses will remain for years to come. The services practical nurses provide will be essential when it comes to helping seniors to age peacefully and safely, with access to the care they deserve.

Practical nurses are in-demand in Canada today

Fill the Gap, Enroll in Practical Nurse Training

If you’re looking for a rewarding career where your skills will be put to good use in providing healthcare to those in need, a career in practical nursing could be right for you. With the current shortage of practical nurses in Canada, coupled with the projected increase in demand for these professionals due to an aging population, there has never been a better time to begin training. At Discovery Community College, you’ll receive hands-on training in the practical nursing field, building the skills necessary to enter the workforce as a certified professional. If you’re ready to transition into an inspiring career path, consider becoming a practical nurse today.

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