The Importance of Teaching Patients Proper Oral Hygiene During Your Dental Assistant Career

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As an aspiring dental assistant, one of the major roles that you’ll perform throughout your career is advising patients on the importance of proper oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene, which includes brushing and flossing, protects the teeth from decay, health complications and limits the chance of future infections.

Through the Dental Assistant II Program at Discovery Community College, we provide aspiring dental assistants with the proper training, technical skills and hands-on experience that will allow them to work with patients and teach them about the importance of oral hygiene. Read on to learn about why it’s important to teach patients proper oral hygiene during your career as a dental assistant!

Teach Patients That Oral Hygiene Is Connected to Overall Health in Your Dental Assistant Career

The mouth is the gateway to the detection of any systemic diseases and health concerns associated with the rest of the body. Diabetes and heart disease can be of major concern for patients who neglect taking care of their oral health. Any inflammation or infection of the bones and teeth may cause inflammation of the arteries, resulting in potential heart disease. After completing your training from DCC, you’ll be ready to prepare patients for dental exams and assist dentists with examinations throughout your dental assistant career. You’ll also record vital signs, remove stitches from wounds and much more. This will help you assess any complications and advise patients on their oral hygiene when they visit the clinic.

Proper Oral Hygiene Prevents Tooth Loss

Poor dental hygiene will usually result in the most common problem patients face when visiting a dental clinic: tooth loss. When patients neglect their oral hygiene, they often end up with plaque buildup, which causes tooth decay and gum disease, like gingivitis, and can eventually lead to tooth loss. Brushing and flossing will help reduce plaque buildup, but the best solution is to have patients visit the dental clinic for a scheduled cleaning to ensure the removal of any plaque and tartar buildup. After your dental assistant training at DCC, you’ll be prepared to schedule cleaning appointments and apply topical anesthetics and agents to reduce the sensitivity and tooth decay of your patients. 

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Throughout your dental assistant career, you’ll teach patients proper oral hygiene to prevent tooth loss

A Healthy Lifestyle Maintains Strong Teeth and a White Smile

As a dental assistant, you’ll teach your patients how to have strong teeth and smile with confidence. Brushing, flossing and cleaning the teeth can only go so far if a patient’s overall lifestyle is full of unhealthy habits and routines. 

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Eating healthy food is important for maintaining proper oral hygiene

To ensure strong teeth and a white smile, it is important to eat healthy by consuming foods with calcium and protein and avoiding sugary snacks. Also, avoiding the use of any tobacco products like cigarettes, rinsing the mouth, brushing teeth with fluoride-based products and using a nightguard to protect the teeth from grinding will help patients get on the right path to having excellent oral hygiene. 

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