4 Beneficial Striven Software Functions for Students in Business Finance Management Training

A finance business management training grad working at a desk

The journey of mastering business finance management can be a long process with many moving parts involved. Thankfully, software solutions are available to expedite skill development and work in the field through automation and intuitive reporting.

Are you considering this career path? If so, Striven is a software tool you should familiarize yourself with. Not only does it simplify complex financial concepts, but it also bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. In this extended exploration, we delve into four of its most impactful functions and how they can foster career success for students in financial management training.

1. Take Advantage of In-Depth, Real-Time Financial Data Analysis

Striven’s real-time financial data analysis goes beyond surface-level insights. Within an organization, there are numerous data points that administrators must keep track of to ensure financial well-being. Striven software provides robust fund-specific reporting, including insights such as profit and losses, project summaries, CRM summaries, and forecasting.

For students, Striven can be an invaluable tool for developing sharp analytical skills and a deep understanding of accounting. Striven’s interactive dashboards offer a multifaceted approach to data interpretation and presentation. Students learn to visualize data, create comprehensive reports, and communicate financial insights effectively. These skills are crucial for translating complex data into strategic decisions and clear communications.

A finance business management training grad using a data analytics tool
Discover Striven’s real-time data analysis tool in business finance management training.

2. Comprehensive Project Management and Budgeting 

As you’ll learn in business finance management training, effective financial management is synonymous with solid project management. Striven’s project management and budgeting tools are designed to provide an intuitive, centralized system that makes planning simple. Striven will assist you as you allocate resources, manage project finances, and stay within budget constraints.

Project management on Striven fosters success along the journey, from finding the right people for each job, keeping clients and customers in the loop, managing unexpected changes, and assessing profitability. 

3. Industry-Specific Financial Management

Striven acknowledges the accounting differences between different industries to ensure financial compliance for organizations. The software offers solutions specially meant to assist professionals in construction and contracting, supply chain management, logistics and transportation, retail and e-commerce, IT, engineering, medical practice, non-profit, property management, law, and more.

Different industries have different finance and project management needs. Professionals who use Striven are well-equipped to work in various interesting fields and practice using different tools after business finance management courses.

A finance business management training grad using accounting software
Striven proficiency is highly beneficial to business finance management training graduates.

4. Enhanced Collaboration and Teamwork Facilitation

The role of an effective financial management professional involves plenty of teamwork. The collaborative features in Striven mirror the interdisciplinary teamwork in the finance sector by allowing users to share insights and collectively troubleshoot complex financial problems. Striven software stands as a pivotal tool in the arsenal of any student pursuing business finance management training.

By engaging with these functions, you can gain a profound understanding of financial markets, project management, data analysis, and teamwork – skills vital for a successful career in finance. Go ahead! Dive deeper into the world of business finance with Striven software. In the professional accounting and bookkeeping diploma program at Discovery Community College, we teach students how to navigate several financial management software tools, including QuickBooks, Sage50, and, of course, Striven. In addition, students gain a profound understanding of accounting basics to produce a well-rounded skill set.

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