Pursuing an Office Administration Career? 4 Job Search Tips to Remember

Administrative assistants play a supportive role in office settings by performing various clerical and organizational tasks to help office teams run smoothly. This role provides job security and plenty of opportunities for upward mobility through gained experience. A reputable training program that covers key competencies in the field, such as computerized business applications and bookkeeping, is an excellent starting point. After graduating from our office administration certification program, you’ll be ready to meet the demands of the modern office workplace. Your next challenge will be to secure your dream position. Keep reading for some helpful pointers in your office administration job search.

1. Look For Administrative Roles in Growing Industries

Administrative assistants are needed in all industries. For this reason, there will likely be no shortage of positions. While this is encouraging, narrowing your job search focus will help you find a position that meets your requirements. Consider looking for administrative roles within growing fields to maximize job security in the future. These can include healthcare, technology, and recreation, as Canada is undergoing continuous growth this year.

Office administration training allows you to enter positions in a variety of industries.

2. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile After Office Administration Training

While traditional job searching skills like resume building and in-person networking are still essential, you’d do well to optimize online networking platforms like LinkedIn. There are about 58 million companies listed on the site, all of which can access you through LinkedIn’s search function if you’ve properly optimized your profile. Here are some tips for using LinkedIn to start your office administration career.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to start a successful office administration career.
  • Use a professional headshot: LinkedIn members with profile pictures receive more engagement. A professional headshot is clear, with a simple background and your face as the focal point.
  • Write a compelling headline: The headline on your profile shows recruiters who you are. Make sure that it reflects your unique personal brand.
  • Let companies know that you’re #OpenToWork: LinkedIn offers members the option to advertise themselves as ‘open to work.’ This lets recruiters know that you’re actively searching for a position, making them more likely to reach out with opportunities.

3. Demonstrate Your Firm Grasp of the Latest Technology

The modern office is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. Being well-versed in the latest industry-standard software tools makes you a competitive candidate during your job search. In our office administration training program, you will receive specialized training on Microsoft Office tools like Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint. You will also learn computerized bookkeeping applications like payroll management and basic accounting using tools like Quickbooks. After graduation, be sure to list these skills clearly on your resume, as recruiters look for candidates with these competencies.

4. Brush Up on Your Interviewing Skills

During interviews for administrative assistant positions, hiring managers are not only determining whether you possess the practical skills needed to meet the demands of the role but also if you have the necessary soft skills. Be sure to dress the part for your interview. Business casual is standard for this role though dress codes vary from company to company. Be personable, punctual, curious, and enthusiastic to demonstrate your soft skills and make a great impression. By completing our office administration certification program, you’ll be putting yourself in the best position to pursue competitive positions in a variety of interesting industries.

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