Hospice Care: Key Approaches to Embrace After Healthcare Assistant Training

If you are compassionate, patient, and looking for a role where you can help others daily, a career as a Health Care Assistant (HCA) may be the perfect path for you. Not only can working in the healthcare industry be lucrative, but there is also a current high demand for HCAs in British Columbia and

How to Develop and Achieve Your Career Goals after Your Financial Accounting Training

Of the greatest advantages of pursuing a career in accounting and finance is the variety of employment opportunities across industries when you start your career. Whether you’d like to work in corporations, real estate, insurance, government departments, small businesses, or even independently as a contractor, the options are virtually endless.  At Discovery Community College, you

Reducing Burnout after Graduating from Nursing School

If you’re interested in a dynamic and fast-paced work environment with a focus on helping others, becoming a nurse may be the perfect career choice for you. At Discovery Community College, our Provincial Practical Nursing Program (PPNP) provides you with a comprehensive education encompassing the knowledge and skills required to confidently enter the workplace, as

How to Ensure Patient Satisfaction During Your Dental Assistant Career

In addition to their primary duty of assisting the dentist during examinations and procedures, a dental assistant plays a crucial role in patient satisfaction. You’ll have the power to keep patients coming back to the clinic and prove yourself a valuable addition to any dental practice. In addition, being a source of comfort and assurance

5 Tips for Organizing an Office Environment after Your Medical Office Admin Training

The healthcare industry provides many dynamic and exciting career options that are lucrative and in high demand. The Government of Canada predicts the prospects for Medical Office Administrators will continue to be balanced over the next decade. Job demand is especially high in British Columbia due to employment growth, upcoming retirements, and a small number

In Practical Nurse Training? 5 Tips for Working with Seniors

Caring for the elderly can be a trying yet rewarding experience, as with many roles in nursing. As a practical nurse, you may find yourself drawn to elderly care for a combination of reasons, from your own personality traits to your ideal workplace. With training from Discovery Community College, you can gain experience in real-world

Freight Forwarding Blunders to Avoid After International Trade Management College

When it comes to working in International Trade Management, there are many situations that can arise that may hinder a freight forwarding project. Your training at Discovery Community College can prepare you for what to expect on the job, while helping you minimize mistakes when it comes to the flow of goods and services through

The Benefits of Using Sage 50 for Students in Financial Accounting Training

As technology advances, the scope of a financial accounting professional’s role changes, shaped by new software, standards and practices. If you’re considering a career in financial accounting, at Discovery Community College, you’ll build skills in Quickbooks, Canadian Payroll and Employment Standards, Canadian Manual Bookkeeping, and more, helping you to easily transition into a career.  One

Finding a Work-Life Balance After Medical Office Administration School

Work-life balance is something that career seekers are increasingly prioritizing, especially in a post-pandemic environment. However, depending on one’s chosen career, an ideal work-life balance isn’t always easy to achieve. Working in settings like private practices, clinics, hospital departments and other administrative healthcare centers, Medical Office Administrators perform key roles in managing offices, scheduling patient

3 Challenges You’ll be Prepared for After Community Support Worker Training

Are you someone who thrives on helping others and making a positive impact on your community? Becoming a community support worker is an extremely rewarding career, as your job is to offer support and services to people who are going through difficult times in their lives.  A career that’s focused on aiding children and adults